Boris Johnson has nominated his father, Stanley, for a knighthood – reports

Boris Johnson has put his father Stanley forward for a knighthood as part of his resignation honours list, according to reports.

The Times newspaper reports that the former prime minister, who left office last September, has nominated Stanley Johnson for the honour. A spokesperson for the Mr Johnson said: “We don’t comment on honours.”

Any honour for Stanley Johnson would raise questions for the former Conservative leader. The former prime minister faced accusations of cronyism in 2020, after he nominated his brother Jo Johnson for a peerage.

Conservatives and cronyism … surely not … :scream_cat:



The brass neck of the B Johnson…
Anyway wasn’t his father accused of acting inappropriately


Talk about “Keep it in the family” - he’s already swung a peerage for his brother, hasn’t he?!

I think there should be rule against nominating your own family members for jobs in public service, honours and peerages - it smacks of nepotism.
If they have done something really worthy, it would be more appropriate to leave it to someone else to nominate them for a reward when the time was right.

The Report doesn’t say what Stanley Johnson has done to deserve the nomination. ???

“ The paper said that the former prime minister’s list of nominations included up to 100 names and was “considerably longer” than that of his predecessors Theresa May and David Cameron. The list is currently going through Cabinet Office vetting.”

Let’s hope they “vet” out all those who are only on the list because they are friends and relatives of Boris!


Well, not confirmed yet but if it were true, it’s just typical Johnson blatant arrogance and thinking he’s above common decency

Essentially putting two fingers up to the public and showing how much he really despised us peasants and has no respect

He’s deliberately taking the p, I think

He always has just been opportunist self-serving slime :nauseated_face:

How long before the Johnson Fangirls and Fanboys spring to his defence? :rofl:


I barely know stanley johnson. I certainly know of no reason as to why he deserves a Knighthood, other than being related to BJ, and that fact would be more of a hindrance, I would have presumed.