Boris Johnson finally confirms how many children he has - and that he 'changes a lot of nappies'

Good grief! :astonished:

Well, the recent rise in the cost of everything should see them alright.

I was one of 6, some parent like big families, I imagine Boris will be a great Dad, Hes very down to earth and not afraid to have a go .

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I think he’s a crap father he leaves them when he moves women . He might take into account while he’s going on about climate chance how over population is affecting the planet and keep it in his pants or at least get the snip .

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He’s a bit of a people polluter isn’t he? More entitled upper class twits for the nation to support.

No, he’s certainly not afraid to have a go…7 children can attest to that! :dizzy_face:

He’s very fertile isn’t he…I.must admit there is something about Boris that is appealing…maybe its his hair he looks so unkempt and we all want to look after him :slight_smile:

Summer, are you his Professional Hair Ruffler? :joy:

I just do not understand the facination with how many children somebody has.
When I was laying on the operating table about to go under, I really didn’t care in any way whatsoever how many children my surgeon had.
All I was interested in was how good he was as a surgeon.


I don’t care how many children he has, I’m fascinated more by the fact he skips from woman to woman, gets them pregnant and doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with his children. Its not exactly responsible behaviour from someone who is meant to lead the country, in my opinion.

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Fascinated I can understand.
But running a country is a very different thing to personal relationships, and just as with my surgeon the job he’s doing has absolutely no bearing upon how he handles his relationships.
As I see it there is no difference between judging somebody’s ability at a job because they are promiscuous to judging their ability because of their sexuality, the colour of their hair or their tatoos amongst a long list of other things - none of which in any way affects their ability to do a job of work.

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That is a fair point to make, and I apologise if I came across as being judgemental in that regard…however, I do stand by my assertion that he really ought to focus his efforts on more important things like guiding us out of…well, everything. How many other world leaders have announced they are having two kids and a marriage, in the middle of a pandemic? :joy:

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There’s no need to apologise.
It’s a forum where people express differing opinions and being able to do so in a polite manner without falling out or recriminations is IMHO exactly what a forum should be all about.

I can understand how you might see the issue, but I just do not see the relationship between how many children somebody has and the job they do.
As far as I am concerned he IS concentrating on the job during work time but like everybody else, life is about more than just work and what he does outside working time is his own business.
Oh and I’m not a Boris fan either; I think that he’s a vacuous opportunist.
But like everybody else he is entitled to a private life.


Well yes, its about respect isn’t it, and seeing the other persons point of view, without being narky over it.

Oh of course, everyone needs to relax and do whatever they like outwith work. He could do flower arranging for all I care. I think for me though, with regard to the children aspect, is the air of apparent flippancy that he seems to have. If he can’t be stable enough to look after his own flesh and blood, how can he be relied on to look after us? He left his previous wife when she was still undergoing cancer treatment, for goodness sake, to go off with his floozy.

Hahaha! Yep, I agree with that one! :+1:

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Aye given half the chance Pixie :slight_smile:

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That is the most responsible action a father can take when between his wife and himself they agree the family is complete. I had my snip late 73 after our last daughter was born.

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If someone is irresponsible, deceitful or heartless to their own family would they be the same in their job and to the other people they are responsible for? It’s an indicator of if they have integrity and empathy.

I expect the four he had by his first wife were hurt by the way he treated their mum and the other one doesn’t seem to get a look in.

But has he really been that bad? Divorces are very common and not talking about the other child seems to have been her choice and her mothers.

And I can understand that his young wife wants a family of her own

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I have to agree with that, yes…I think its an indicator, and in my opinion, he doesn’t posses those qualities.

Yes…well, I hope she hangs on to him for the sake of her babies. A leopard never changes his spots.

He’s getting on a bit now, perhaps he won’t have the energy😉 Although there have already been rumours…,

Not a man I’d want to be the father of my children. But she did know what he was like when she took him on, I suppose.

Obviously a shortage of young unmarried childless men out there .