Boots Cotton Wool Pads

I use Boots cotton wool pads to remove my eye makeup.

I keep meaning to ring Boots to ask them, why do…
Boots Cotton Wool pads (100 pack) cost £1.49.
Yet, Boots Baby Cotton Wool Pads (100 pack) cost £1.10?

Why charge 39p more for something identical? Are adults being penalised?

It’s marketing I guess. I use the supermarket ones and have found the baby version costs more.

I think it could be added VAT for the adult one.

No, that doesn’t work out but there will be added VAT in there somewhere I expect.

Is one thinner than the other?

Art I use them but the 100 pack is called Doublefaced Cosmetic Round Pads( not labelled cottonwool except on the back of the pack) which might account for that higher price ?
On the 50 pack they’re labelled Doublefaced round pads on the front .

I don’t suppose Baby cotton wool pads are doublesided?

Thank You, Zuleika but the ones you use are different. Here are pics to show the two packs l am comparing…

Why don’t you buy a pack of the baby ones and try them Artangel?

I agree. The baby ones are not a bad price and they have a nice drawstring feature.

Percy, l did buy the baby one but they are running out.
I went to Boots to get some more and saw the ‘adult’ ones. I couldn’t understand why the same pads were more expensive than the baby ones.

Annie, I did get some from Savers and they were only 69p for 100. Is it any wonder why Boots are closing some stores with the prices they charge.

I have some old brake pads if it helps? :lol:

:lol: :roll: (@ brake pads!)

I know exactly where you are coming from Artangel as I went to buy some in Boots a few weeks ago and thought, blimey, they’ve shot up in price! :eek: Superdrug had an offer 3 for 2 but they were still expensive and I did not need 3 packets! I think I got them in Sainsburys or maybe it was Asda, in the end.

There must be something in finding the same products cheaper in the ‘baby section’, Martin Lewis I recall mentioned this in one of his reports about money saving tips, link below:

Yes Please! :lol:

Gosh Baz, That’s interesting.
I see it was published in 2017. Three years later and it’s still the same.

Glanny, l saw in my local Tesco convenience store where things are usually dearer than bigger stores, that they were only 89p for 100 pads!

Yes, still the same as while they can get away with it they will. I first noticed this with cotton buds after reading that article, now I always look around to see what ‘fiddles’ these shops are up to. :wink: :slight_smile:

Boots prices are high but they have a good meal deal.