Boot sales do you go to them

Do you do Boot sales ? I like to go to Boot sales and have found some good buys, i look for certain items I am interested in such as Photography/cameras they tend to be pretty rare but you can find them. DVD Blue rays for classic films that I like and interesting books and of course the odd occasional diamond ring that is worth £600k although I have not found one myself haha.


I used to love doing car boots and walking around them.
If we did them, we had to get there extremely early, also you need to get there early to get the bargains.

Never found anything worth thousands of pounds though.

Haven’t been to a car boot in ages.

I must admit that I do like a wander around a good car boot sale on occasion but I’ve not been to one since the start of the pandemic.
There are still bargains to be had if that’s what somebody is after but for me it’s about the atmosphere and the unusual, because there is almost always something weird and wonderful to see.

Car Boots (thought this was about Boots Chemist) yes we used to, on the lookout for that £600K ring, but have given up.