Books for teenagers

I am trying to think of Christmas gifts for my grandchildren .
The two teenagers ( boy and girl ) 13 and 15 would prefer cash .

The smaller one 11 I am getting several things .

But for me a book is something good to receive as well it’s something I can wrap up .

I have chosen two as yet .

The teenage guide to money ( heck it’s my cash they are going to squander )

Plus To kill a Mocking bird

( everyone should read this )


The diary of Anne Frank

Any other suggestions gratefully received

MY DIL has suggested a book token instead .

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It depends what they enjoy Muddy, author Darren Shan is a favourite with some kids,
Also the “Wimpy kid” series for younger teens.
I would go with the tokens though.

Terry Pratchett wrote some good young adult books.

Library cards?


Teenagers are strange creatures.

Best given money and then avoided.

Yes, also Anthony Horowitz and Anne McCaffrey, if they enjoy fantasy, spies or dragons :lol:

Yes, those as well, TessA.:lol:

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: