Bonjour from the South of France


I just became a member a few days ago and have a couple of photo albums - please take a look.

I think this forum is excellent and am getting some useful information plus enjoyment from it and my thanks to the administrators for their ongoing hard work.

Hello :039: a warm welcome to our friendly forum:-)

Hi Flamingo - welcome :023:

I’d love to live somewhere warm like the south of France! If you get time, please post a thread in the Travel section to share your experience :slight_smile:

Hello Flamingo, . .welcome to the forum.

Hi again! Thanks to you ive just had a mega afternoon playing Manfred Mans back catalogue…singing at the top of my voice and prancing about like an aging hippy gal yesssss!! Top tunes thank you ‘Pretty Flamingo’ x

Hi Flamingo and welcome to the forum

I’ll let you know why my pseudo is Flamingo - I am tall with long legs. My French friend who is about 5’2" many years ago said I was a Heron but I said “no Florence, I would rather be a Flamingo (Flamand in French)” - so the name has stuck.

I will do Azz - probably tomorrow. Also in our village today was the Fete Noel (Christmas Fair) I will try to post some photos of it.

Bonjour et Bienvenue. Nice to have you aboard. Where is Herault? I worked in Carcassonne for a bit - anywhere near there?

Hello and welcome. I am a newbie too, this looks a good place to visit doesn’t it?

Hello…nice to meet you and hope you enjoy the forum

We are about one and a half hours east of Carcassone - 34530 Montagnac which is between Pezenas and Meze and the largest town to us is Beziers.

Hi welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome to the OFF, nice to meet you.

Take care:)

Thanks for sending me a greeting - I think this site is great!

A formal ‘Hello’, in the right place (Introductions) We’ve already met in other threads :slight_smile:
Toujours la politesse, n’est-ce pas?
I’m glad you’re enjoying it here; it is addictive, so take care! :slight_smile:

Hi & Welcome!
We stayed near Bedarieux in June, visited Meze etc…beautiful stunning scenery, lovely people too.:smiley: Loved the area:-D

Hello Flamingo :slight_smile: welcome…