…or rouge as they used to call it , do you use it ?
Cream or Powder ?
My Boots cream one is running low so recommendations will be welcome as I’m not entirely happy with it enough to buy another .

Blusher/rouge? I’ve never used it in my whole life :confused:

You don’t use make up or need your cheeks highlighting Mags ?

All i use is moisturiser and a touch of lipstick, Zuleika. :slight_smile:

I use bourjois little round pot no. 41 healthy mix. It’s a light shimmery coral and I just use a tiny bit on my cheekbones. It’s no longer available in chemists so I buy online. I find it very hard to find the perfect colour as many blushers are too heavy for me or too harsh for my skin tone. The one I used to use which is still available in shops is called Dandelion and is by benefit cosmetics. It’s a bit pricier at about £20 or more, but it lasts forever.

I have never quite taken to cream blushers. I like a bit of a shimmer but there’s little choice in light slightly shimmery products. I used to love maybeline’s back in the 90s but they stopped making it. There seems to be a trend for either very heavy colours or nudes.

If I wear foundation I use powder and powder blusher, nothing expensive, just any brand as long as it looks subtle is all that matters. Some people look like clowns when they put too much blusher on lol.

Me neither, Mags.

Until more recently, I have always been outside so much I have colour in my cheeks anyway, don’t need to apply any more. :slight_smile:

Mups if you apply foundation onto a fair skinned person ,me , it needs to have colour added to highlight the cheekbones.
Similarly the eyes need opening with colour or eyeliner and mascara .
None of this applies to you tho ?

No, not really.
These days, I rarely go places where I feel the need for make-up. I am either dog walking, or at my geriatric gym, doing my yoga class, shopping, or popped in to see a friend etc, so people I meet would wonder what I was up to if I went all made up. :smiley:

Now if I had a dinner date with George Clooney - (the real one, not the imposter we have here ;-)), then I would certainly pull all the stops out!

It also makes it more difficult because I have Dry Eye, and lots of eye make up makes them sting nowadays.

As you say, I can understand it being different if you are very fair skinned though.

I have ever worn makeup since I was a teen, can’t be bothered with it, don’t need it.

Zuleika, These days, l use Rimmel Natural Bronzer Number 002 Sun Bronze over my foundation, on my cheek bones, on my chin and down my nose. It’s just lightly, to enhance!
Years ago, l would never have considered Rimmel but l like this and their ‘Sugar Plum Lipstick. I have used Revlon blusher in the past.

I do the same as you with the eye make up. I like to take care of my facial appearance when l go out and always will. It’s hard to change a habit of a lifetime!

Thank Art . That’s Bourjois Little Blue Pot and Rimmel I’ll look at .
I’m very fair skinned so I need colour on my cheeks .
Did you know your skin colour fades as you get older ?