Bluetooth on camcorder


Has a range of about 30ft max but that is not the point also slight latency of about 0. 3 seconds but tolorable. What a pleasure it is not to be tied down with a cable from earphone to camcorder.

Ok this setup

Manfrotto befree live tripod and on the handle a wired remote control for zoom and stop start
the camcorder Panasonic HC-X1500 with additional handle
the BlitzMax wireless bluetooth dongle
Soundcore Anker Q20 bluetooth wire/wireless headphones
Azden SMX-30V microphone

well I decided to do a stereo soujnd test using the bluetooth dongle and the wireless bluetooth headphones. Sounds really odd wearing them, the slight latency delay hearing yourself clapping a short time later.
First I went to one side of the setup and clapped my hands then to the other and did the same. this tested the stereo microphone and it worked far better than I expected. The noise in the background is someone cutting the grass

So now I can instantly do a stereo check without waiting to get back to play on the computer or replay on the camcorder. Needless to say I am over the moon with the result