Black Friday specials 2023

Until the past several years, I didn’t bother with Black Friday. Going to the store early to get trampled by other people wasn’t my idea of fun.

Now that the specials are online and over a longer period of time, I’m more interested.

Last year, I got a good discount on a grocery delivery service for a year and a couple streaming services at a good price.

This year I’ve already gotten a tablet for $50 off. I’m looking at another tablet that is $30 off. I’m also looking for some streaming services like last year.

Are you getting anything for Black Friday?

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If it involves buying something you wouldn’t otherwise buy, then it’s a bad idea, best avoided.


We’ve had Black Saturday Bushfires, Ash Wednesday Bushfires and Black Thursday Bushfires but Black Friday eluded me so I looked it up. The only Black Friday was in 1939 and I couldn’t imagine that being the reason for a Black Friday sale.

It took a while then I discovered it is something to do with the Yank’s Thanksgiving - something no-one in the world celebrates except them.

Basically it is retailers trying to come up with another pre Christmas sale! Bah Humbug!

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I agree. The things I buy on Black Friday are things I had been planning on getting. It was just nice to get them cheaper. This year, I had actually forgotten about it. I was looking for a tablet and saw it was on sale.

I subscribed to Paramount+ on a Black Friday special. $3.99 no ads with Showtime for three months. Regular price $11.99/mo.

Since I was just about to sign up on Sunday night at full price, I’m happy to have seen the deal on Monday and gotten it on Tuesday. Now I have 3 months instead of 1. :blush:

That’s true. I bought an automatic coffee maker after I had been observing the dynamic pricing when it was finally offered at 300 rather than 700.

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My seniors’ club benefited from the Black Friday sales, we got 15% off a set of four toner cartridges for our laser printer. Saved nearly $42.