Birthday card - for a friend who likes Owls

Her birthday is 4th Oct - thought she would like this!

IMG_9442 (2)

IMG_9443 (2)


That’s gorgeous, Tabby…did you do the inside too?

Thank you. The picture on the inside was already there I just over printed the verse.

Am still looking for a suitable picture to decoupage for her as a Christmas gift.

Oh that’s brilliant ST!

I love the gold!

Mrs Zaphod loves owls too, as the sheer number of ornaments on display would make obvious and even her clothing etc. often features owls.
A card like your marvelous creation would go down very well with her so I’m pretty sure that your friend will absolutey love it, because it is stunning.

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That’s beautiful Tabby, I’m sure your friend will be delighted with your card.

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That is beautiful Tabby, really lovely and I’m sure your friend will be bOWLed over by it :wink:

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Thank you all very much.


Very good Tabby. Your friend will be pleased I’m sure.

An 'owling success with that one (someone had to say it :grinning:)


Thank you Mart!

What a hoot!

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