Best treatment for verrucas

Grace has the dreaded verruca from swimming pool I believe. Lots of over the counter things these days anyone know which is best ?

My grandchildren had the same problem some while back, their father was advised not to bother with over-the-counter ‘cures’ but to use duct tape, yes that tape used for a whole variety of things! Apparently cutting off the oxygen to the verruca stops it growing. The tape had to be changed a few times due to it being difficult to keep on and with baths, showers etc. but it did work. :slight_smile:

More information on this link too, if required:

Thank you baz I prefer to use something that is slightly less corrosive than some of the creams and gels so that sounds like an excellent idea, got some in the cupboard too !

Banana skin. Some say it doesn’t but I found it did, after years of using commercial products.

Sounds daft, but it works. I had been back and forth to the podiatrist , with, all the different bazookas and nothing worked to get rid.

So cut a piece of banana skin, tape it on (the inside of the banana skin against the verruca ) and leave over night.

Keep doing that. Should see an improvement within a few days. Stubborn things aren’t they ?

Home Remedy: Remove a finger wart with a banana peel. - YouTube

Banana skins well I wonder who first found that out ? it’ll either be the enzymes in it or like duct tape cutting off air supply I guess.

Duct tape was a waste of time for mine, as it kept slipping off.

Yes, something in the banana skin, potassium I think.

I would just leave them alone and let them heal. I got one a couple of years back at the pool, I always wear flip flops on my feet now, going to and from the changing rooms and in the showers. Never had any more bother since.

I think this is what Baz meant, Julie.
It explains a bit more here:

Duct tape

This method involves placing a small piece of duct tape on the verrucas for several days. If the tape falls off, replace it with a fresh piece. After 6 days or so, remove the duct tape and soak the verruca in some water.

Your treatment may take several weeks, depending on the verruca. Make sure to remove the bandage if you have one on and wash the verruca with soap and water once a day. Also, you can use a pumice stone to wear down the wart before trying any of the home remedies – some people claim the stone to be one of the best ways to get rid of a verruca. Verrucas and corns on the feet are not usually painful, but they are contagious, so don’t share the stone or any of these items listed with anyone else.

I am just exploring a write up on the use of Apple Cyder Vinegar, but give me a mo please. :slight_smile:

Here is the info Julie.
Too long to copy out, so giving you the link to read instead.

Personally, I think I’d get it removed professionally by the nurse or podiatrist, but it’s up to you of course.

Just as an aside, I got rid of Warts on my elderly dog with Dandelion sap once, but you have to keep at it, and don’t let them lick at it.
I have heard the furry lining of Broad Bean pods work too. :slight_smile:

My son had a verruca many, many years ago when he was at school. The school nurse sent him to the doctor at the surgery who froze the verruca and it disappeared in no time. :slight_smile:

There weren’t all these home treatments around in those days though.

Bazuka is good stuff.

What i don’t recommend is cryosurgery - bloody painful and not always effective.

I did ring the GP surgery before posting but apparently they no longer do anything about them here so you have to be referred to hospital and the wait is nearly 2 years. I was hoping therefore to find a remedy that worked quicker than that :wink:

She’s gone off to school with her duct tape in place and I spoke to the school nurse who is going to give her another bit of tape if that should fall off after PE. My husbands face said it all I think he thought I’d gone properly mad this time :mrgreen:

I thought I had been fortunate enough to go through life without a verruca but managed to pick one up in my 40s

I tried a couple of over-the-counter creams & plasters without any success, but eventually shifted it with Bazuka cream
I don’t know if it’s still available, but there must be the latest generation of something similar on the market

A verruca is a viral infection that grows down into the skin
Apply the Bazuka regularly and faithfully
when the verruca becomes quite painful that means the virus has died, so then comes the fun part - squeeze it, and it erupts like a giant spot
Do this thoroughly till all the goo has come out. it leaves a hole that heals up very quickly

You could probably apply a dose of Bazuka, then top it off with some kind of tape or plaster to prevent the cream from being worn off