Best first or save the best for last [poll]

Whether it’s a scrumptious dessert or a favorite TV show or anything else you love, do you indulge first or save the best for last.

Do you employ patience and self restraint, only to possibly be disappointed later?

Or do you indulge first, leaving nothing to look forward to?

  • Best first
  • Save the best for last

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I do not experience this as I reject all but the finest in this life. I’m not a 2nd best type of person.

Split personality me……

Sometimes granny’s girl, eat your veg and meat first before indulging in pudding, do your work first before you relax…… enjoy the anticipation and feeling you’ve earned it

And sometimes the decadent spoiled brat, enjoy the good stuff now, in case you never get round to it!

It just depends on my mood :rofl:


I wonder if it depends on one’s family situation. If I saved my treat in the refrigerator to savor when I got home, my brother would have eaten it by the time I got there. That hasn’t stopped me from being a save the best for last person.

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Neither for me! I would show restraint in case others would like what was in front of me.

Do these go together? :thinking:

There’s always something to look forward to.
Pickled onions, olives, crisps, peanuts and cashews!

Breakfast sets you up for the day!


Of course they go together. It’s definitely right to show restraint and when selecting opt for the finest available. It doesn’t mean selecting the finest is indulging oneself with gluttony.


This reminded me a bit of when I serve up a meal

Like most cooks I always give the family the best of what I’ve made and a generous portion and eat any slightly less pretty bits myself

But I can be too obvious about it because if I’ve obviously short changed myself my husband says nothing but just changes plates with me :open_mouth:

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Perhaps he’s being polite about your cooking? :grinning:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Maybe!

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