Best drummer ever

Sandy Nelson here with

Birth of the Beat

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Gosh I remember him too, I had his record called . . . . was it Drumbeat?
I can still hear it in my mind now. :slight_smile:

let there be drums and teen beat amonst many he did and he actually lost a lower part of his leg in a motorbike accident

Ah, yes, that was it . . ‘Let their be drums.’
Brilliant, that was. I used to play it and play it.

Just found it on YouTube, so will play it again and reminisce. :smiley:

Let there be Drums…still got the record (hears today’s youth ‘whats a record’?) lol

I have still a couple of 45’s of his somewhere in the loft

Brilliant wasn’t it Dodge.
Have you still got something you can play it on though? :smiley:

To me he was and still is one of the few who can keep a rhythm going all the way through the number

Yes, I’ve still got this hifi system (image off the internet, not a picture of my actual system but I have the exact same model)

My mother had one of these

Which is where Let it be drums was played the most. I would get two of my mothers kitchen wooden spoons and pretend I was the drummer :slight_smile:

Aah, I reckon we probably all drummed along with him.
Happy days ey, Dodge. :smiley:

Oh yes Happy days :slight_smile:

And here is the blast from the past, the original 45 rpm, my mothers original 45 rpm that was played to death :slight_smile:

PS I have no idea who Jean is, probably one of my mothers friends or the name of the original owner of the record before my mother got it.

What was it played with, sandpaper?

Bit of a big suggestion, thought Sandy Nelson was great till I discovered stuff like this.

Dodge, you’re never going to believe this, but that is ME! How’s that for a coincidence. You can kindly return my record now. :lol:

(I’m telling the truth an’all.):smiley:

It’s MINE …ALL MINE :lol:

She is. :-p

Don’t look like he’s going to let me have it back though, Dongle. :wink:

What would be even spookier would be if you happened to be in Kent during the years 1964-1967 because that is when my mother acquired the record.

It shall now be locked away in a secure location :slight_smile:

Hah. :smiley: I cannot tell a lie, Dodge.
I have never been to Kent.

It just made me laugh because I really did used to have that record, and don’t know what happened to it.
Then you posted the picture of yours - with my proper name on it.
I’ll let you keep it though, cos I like you. :lol: