Berney Arms, Norfolk

I thought the following may interest some here.

Berney Arms is a small location within the Norfolk Broads, close to Great Yarmouth. Once a small hamlet it is now a pub, currently closed, but previously open during the summer season only. A mooring location for boats, a restored windmill & one of the least used railway stations in the UK.

Berney is lovely & only really accessible via footpaths, the railway line or via boat. Access via vehicle is limited to authorised vehicles & done via farm tracks.

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@Gee3 - what an intriguing place - would love to go there, Thank you, Gee3.

I bet there are few spiders in that windmill!


Looks like a truly lovely place. :smiley:

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I’ll bet there are rats, too … :rat:

Very intelligent creatures - and cute!

@Gee3 , Very interesting article Gee, Who would think that such
a place could exist in England these days,and the railways are
still investing in the railway system instead of closing it ??
I was particularly interested in that ladies method of fitting a sock
on the end of their rain water down pipe as filter for their drinking
water as l used a similar system in South Africa for several years !
so l related to her story!
Only difference being we didn’t freeze in winter :grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

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