Before Social Media



I keep saying I’m going to delete Fake Book and then change my mind . I rarely post anything yet some post daily , their plates of food and wine , their happy family pictures , holidays, new cars , bikes , clothes , I can’t stand it . It’s a platform for attention seeking for so many . Look at me and how amazing my life is say the posts and pictures . Someone who I’ve known many years constantly complained about her boring husband said she was really fed up with him etc etc this week posted a smiling lovey pic of them together on a day out , maybe she’s had a change of heart ! Another couple have monthly holidays and weekends away at the most fantastic places , wonderful restaurants are posted with expensive meals and bottles of wine , sometimes 20 pictures . Where the money comes from I’m not sure , am I envious , yes , I’d love their holidays , cruises and flights around the world . I wouldn’t post my life for all to see , that’s the difference. So Fake Book is frustrating, annoying , yet I can nosey around , tut and roll my eyes , and I still don’t delete the blinking thing .

Saying that , I am able to see pictures of my grandchildren and what they are up to and stay in touch with distant family members.

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Exactly that. The final sentence anyway. I have family in NZ for start. I see them whenever I press a couple of keys. I have one in the Scottish highlands and I have nineteen Grandkids plus my own sons and their spouses. Why would I not have an easy means of contacting any of them, or indeed any combination of them.

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I have Facebook for all the Groups. I’m on tons of solo travel groups for ladies, sporting groups, self-help groups etc.

I’m more on YT and Instagram. Tik Tok is starting to grow on me though.

Facebook messenger is great .
I call my son in Australia every week can see him it’s wonderful .

I also keep in touch with my far flung family through Facebook, one of my sisters out in Australia and my niece, my nephew and his girls in Florida. So good to be able to talk with them, I have only met my 2 American nieces the once, when they came to Scotland along with the whole of the rest of our big family, from all over. It was a wonderful few weeks all being together again.

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I sometimes thing about closing FB but I have old colleagues, friends and neighbours on there. I have the five children of my friend who emigrated to Australia when we were 14. (No, she’s not on it, and years can go before she decides to email me). I have nieces on there, and can see how their children are growing. I am on several groups of interest, including where I live now, and where I used to live, so I know what’s going on. There’s a group for my favourite pop group, fave car show, for the soaps, including the daytime one I watch. So, so much for me to read and people to chat to. It doesn’t always have to be about people bragging.

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Don’t get me started :icon_wink:

Oh go on mate, please get started. :wink:

This isn’t the time or the place Cato :icon_wink:

Who remembers queueing outside a phonebox in Spain and trying to make a call back to blighty on a noisy crackling landline, and then paying a small fortune for a couple of minutes.

There’s a large public school near here and the kids go back this weekend as they finished before state schools.

I was thinking, when I went back to grammar school in the 60’s it was great to see friends again after 6 weeks. Really exciting to swap stories and catch up. Obviously now they’re all on FB or phones all the time so they miss all that.

Our school had a massive catchment area and we had very poor public transport so I missed seeing my friends for 6 weeks and it was great to be reunited.

Yes, Friends Reunited was refreshing, till the likes of this Facebook et all cobblers :icon_wink:

You can call me Al :grin:

Before social media people would talk face to face and even send birthday cards.


Chavs Charter.

I am suprised at the amount of comments this has received as posted it because I thought it was funny .I know people do post pictures of their food on FB , it strongly suggests food is their main interest in life

Well that’s the way I took your original post, humourous.
I wouldn’t touch Facebook or Twitter X with a barge pole. I suppose this very forum is a form of social media, I’ll just stick with OFC :+1:

You mean there are other interests than food?