Beer deodorant - phew! would you?

Now chaps, I know you macho types don’t use deodorant, just a swirl around with Lifebuoy

But Brewdog have come up with this deodoarant that smells of……well…… beer among other things

They say it’s brewed with hops, pineapple, and grapefruit.

And will make you smell, bold, hoppy, and tropical. :rofl:

At £15 a pop, did any of you get one for Father’s Day?

Personally, I feel I’ve snogged enough beer smelly men without having to get the effect artificially :rofl:

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That sounds like an April Fools Day joke. Who wants to smell like yeast?

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No, it’s real!

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Years ago in the 1970s when deodorants & aftershave became more popular & acceptable me & my mates thought of a couple of new brands -

‘Hard Man’ for wannabe climbers & mountaineers
It would be a mixture of stale sweat, stale beer, peat bog, damp wool, paraffin (for the camping stove), & rancid sun tan cream
Of course the paraffin & wool date it as climbers & hikers haven’t use them for years

‘Boy Racer’ for pretend rally drivers
It would be a mixture of stale sweat, stale beer, petrol, Castrol R, sump oil, burning clutch and burning rubber

Perhaps …


Eugh, going right off the idea……

The smells of my disco going teenage years were the great smell of Brut and Juicey Fruit Chewing gum :rofl:


Oh the memories! :man_dancing:


People would think your a P… artist.
And if you are pulled over by the police…they would not believe it`s deodorant.
Silly idea.


The smell I remember from when I was at university in the early 70s is Faberge’s Zanadu perfume

It was more or less standard issue for all the girls

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Wow! Posh girls you knew :rofl:

My perfumes of the 70s were StevieB, Smitty, Muguet de Bois and musk oil!

Dead common me :rofl:

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Patchouli…the Marmite of fragrances.

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For the same price, you could get a 12 pack from Sainsburys. Either drink it, or sling it all over yourself! :beer: :beer: :beer:


That would work! I’ll try it on the old man tonight :rofl:

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Some pubs banned you wearing it!

I never encountered that, we used to rub it into our bike jackets when we were punks way back when.
There often used to be a distinct earthy aroma in the mosh pits, I love it but I wouldn’t wear it socially, not these days at least.

I’ve just had a quick rummage in the cupboard, lo and behold!
I’m not going out again today so I’ve had a quick daub… just for old times sake :wink:


As long as you’re not going out on the pull :rofl:

Do you pong?

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As for your first question… I’m not telling :wink:
Secondly… yes, like a compost heap on a bad day :nauseated_face:

Some girls like that sort of thing :+1:


I wouldn’t wear it, and my Lovely Cousin wouldn’t want me to wear it either.

I much prefer the aroma of Castrol R, which is of what I probably smelled when I first met her.

I dabbled with Jovan Musk Oil aftershave for a while, but neither of us were much bothered either way so I stopped wearing it when it ran out.

Then there’s the parfum by Monty Python from The Aftershave Sketch, called Rancid Polecat. “It keeps my skin nice and scaly.”

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:joy: Y’all are making me laugh. I didn’t realize people wore that on themselves. IIRC I liked it as an aromatherapy fragrance. I didn’t think about anyone lathering it on themselves.


I think synthetic fragrances should be banned - they pollute the environment and honestly make me want to puke :078:

Essential oils not only smell a million times better but also have health benefits!!! :heart:

There are lots of masculine smelling essential oils, my favourite is sandalwood (I make my own deodorant with it - a few drops in water in a spray bottle). Women have far more choice - pure rose oil, Jasmine oil and a gazillion more… and they’re far more likely to get people to fall in :007: with you :003:

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I’ve no idea if its still made and if it is, still has the same aroma. Body Shop White Musk on the right woman (not all female bodies react the same) would have great effect on me and the hotter she became, the greater the attraction. It must have mixed with their own pheromones to produce that result, but it definitely did something to me.

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