Been making jewellery again

I have a dear friend who, at the end of this month, is embarking on her first ever cruise. Naturally - with her not having a thing to wear - this has meant shopping for a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Guess who was given the task of making appropriate jewellery??

Grey Stones:

Grey beads

Smooth wooden beads:

wooden beads

To go with a ‘posh’ frock - green glass and shells. This was a nightmare to make because she asked for two rows and wanted it made with invisible thread. I hope she likes the result:

green beads

Matching earrings

green earrings


They are beautiful.

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Thank you, Muddy.

They are all lovely,:heartpulse:

My fav is the wooden beaded one, then the green,:heartpulse:…how long have you been making jewellery,ST?

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Must be about 35 years, Pauline. I am glad you like the results!

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They look like they have come out of a jewellery shop, really lovely, ST, thanks for sharing,…

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oh my goodness, these are brilliant, I didn’t realise you were so good making jewellery, they look very professional. I really love them all but my favourite piece has to be the grey necklace

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Ooh, I especially like the :green_heart: green. Beautiful!

I like the green one too :slight_smile:

These are beautiful Tabby - that green one, WOW! I really want to see that being worn, it must look spectacular!

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Thank you, Queenie.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you. The green one is my favourite as well. Will ask Tricia to make sure she is photographed while wearing it. The beads should look as though they are floating because of the invisible thread.