Beef Tomatoes

Picked these today
I have never eaten these sort of tomatos ( they were a rescue plant I found dying for lack of water and bought out of pity )
Does anyone know anything about them ?
Thought I would make passata out of them

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Oooh Muddy,we love these beef tom`s.
Great on a burger and alone on a sandwhich,imo,waisted in cooking.
A little pricey but you get what you pay for.

Now that is one tomato that I do enjoy…very tasty and goes with anything

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Some ideas:

Recipes using beef tomato


Stuff them with anything you like.

I think that I’d make soup out of them, but whatever you do with them good 'on yer for rearing such beauties from a rescue plant. :+1:

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I’d eat them raw, one each cut into wedges, maybe some mayo.

And a tin of sardines each, with farmhouse bread.

Hi Muddy I make a lot of jams chutneys and passata
I don’t see why you can’t use beef steak tomatoes as long as they are really ripe

How I make passata
Wash toms under running water pat dry
Cut toms into about inch chunks
Pop in stages in a blender to purée,
I like a concentrated passata so cook the purée for about 6hrs or so…but time can varied depending on the consistency you prefer
Finally put into freezer bags and freeze . Keeps for about a year .
You can add salt to taste , also basil leaves when cooked.
There are loads of recipes but it’s a simple one and uses the whole to.
I’ve used this recipe for several years after finding it online

Hope it helps

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Well done growing those @Muddy they’re so difficult for me to grow because they take so long to ripen.
Great sliced in sandwiches and salads, you can cook any type of tomato if you have a lot to use and tomatoes are better cooked for health benefits.