BBC: The monthly AI or real quiz - 13/07/23

Can you tell the difference between a real video or picture, or one that has been generated by artificial intelligence (AI)?

Have a go and let’s see if you can spot the REAL from the AI!

I got 7/8.

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  1. All guesses.I can’t spot the AI

I got 6/8 - which amazed me!
I had never heard of most of the people the pics were supposed to represent so I just guessed on the basis of how “real” they looked to me - although many so-called “celebrities” nowadays look fake to me anyway! - the “real celebrities” are probably half-real and half cosmetic surgery, so that makes the Quiz even more difficult! :rofl:

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Wont compete, AI is best ignored, and it may go away :smiley:

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I got 4 right and I could not tell wether AI or real by the looks. I just guessed what could be real and what not.
E. g. T. Cruise and his haircut seemed perfectly reasonable to me, could not see AI.

Another quiz:

I remain an expert … but only just … 5/8.

mee too, just 5/8. Frightening…

I got 6/8

Your score: 4 / 8


I got 1 out of 8…Gullible!
Fair comment…‘Sucker’ more like…