Basic computer problems

I have notice how many people, not necessarily on here, who can’t fix the basic computer problems that occur.

I am no expert,far from it, but willing to have a go at sorting them out. Many problems can be answered by typing on the internet what it is, but very few even think of looking there, or that is what I found.

The internet is definitely the best way to solve problems as the ‘help’ programmes on computers are completely useless. Even so, some problems are unsolvable unless you are prepared to change your system or download programmes and updates something that really annoys me as invariably it mucks up something else.

Allowing updates is responsible for more computer problems than any other cause…

Ah but… you need a working computer to access the internet to find out why your computer isn’t working … :wink:

No it isn’t, quite the opposite in fact.

I was about to ask what evidence you have for this but Purwell is quite right - this is nonsense.

It is extremely rare that an up date causes more problems - operating systems updates are tested extensively by a large posse of brave computer users before they are released. Occasionally a flaw does sneak through but it is usually one that only affects a very limited number of users.

The OP is quite right, most problems can be solved by a judicious search on Google. If you need to be shown how to fix it try the same search on Youtube.

Since my computer updated to windows 10 I can do nothing with it all.
Every time my iPad updates it wipes various passwords that I have to give one time numbers for they are never one time so I have to ring up the people to reset everything again .
I hate computers…
I.cant do anything with my sodding TV because it tells me to consult the internet .
That comes over the internet too .
I am lost .

I am similar to Realist. Saved a lot of techie charges by analysing problems logically, using specialist forums and Youtube.

Opinions can vary on that point.

I’m very good at keeping all of our own computers working smoothly (Linux and Windows 10), mainly because I’ve never been worried about messing up software installations. I’ve learned a lot over the years by making mistakes and digging myself out of trouble.

Our computers rarely give any bother these days but if it happens to any great degree, it’s nothing to for me to reinstall the operating systems and programs, or use a disk image to overwrite a faulty system with a good one.

No it isn’t. Maybe you are just not aware of it. The majority of Windows updates are unnecessary but unfortunately they won’t let you pick and choose. They disguise their updates as critical but they are not. Just another way of infiltrating your system and changing your settings to suit their needs.

I usually have a go, I’ll seek advice cnet and wiki how help but often they say press this or that and my page looks nothing like they describe :shock: so I have a nice guy in the village knows how to fix most things, he also explains things in a way I can understand which is quite a feat :mrgreen:

I have to say since I got my iPad I’ve had so few problems he thought id moved :mrgreen:

My husband still believes a laptop is better but has been having problems lately and Microsoft no longer supports his os. He loves his windows 7 so struggles on. I’m trying to persuade him an iPad might free him from his troubles :mrgreen:

I have my son on hand to “fix” the majority of glitches and problems If they ever crop up which they havnt for some time now …I will usually try to fix it myself first though but if unsuccessful then its time to call in a genius lol

I agree.
I have disabled Windows Updates and, despite not having installed any ‘critical’ updates, my computer is still running perfectly.

As has been said, if Microsoft would allow us the permission to choose which of its updates we want, I’d re-enable it. Unfortunately, they think they know best and feel they have the right to take control of our computers - that we paid for, including the software!

I have allowed Microsoft to install all updates and bugger me, my computer is working perfectly well.

Sadly, JBR, I suspect that a large percentage of the millions of Windows users, around the world, might be unable to make the decision to update or not to update.

Many users will not have had any kind of hit by the time a given fix (update) is released. However, I am confident that, when an update is presented, Microsoft will have had enough incidents to make spending money on that update important.

That’s the way it works. i.e. incidents come flying in the the support Centres, incidents are analysed, fixes are constructed, everyone with the right features gets the update. Then that incident is boxed and they start to look at the next one.

Your own PC is probably not taking the hits because of the software/hardware and the amount of actual usage.

But, one day, you might install something new and the hits could then swarm in.


That’s because you computer doesn’t have to deal with anything larger than one sentence. :wink:


I’ve had lots of help from people on here and am very grateful for that. What would be seriously good, would be for you techie types to decide on a maintenance routine which every computer user should follow: essential basics…like virus protector etc. Basic definitions - describe a firewall!!! Then a routine which people can use to keep their computers running…a bit like oiling the lock on the shed door!! Would be truly handy. :lol:

PS - Need the same thing for an iphone!!!


I quite expected protestations coming from the Computer Literate hierarchy who probably use the most up-to-date machines and operating systems, and like nothing better than to fiddle about with their puters, and having orgasms when they successfully install a mind blowing piece of software.

Well the reality is, that most puter users just want to store photos, write stuff on facebook, twitter and Over Fifties Forum, pay bills and do some online shopping…They want to be able to boot up their machines and find it just like they left it without having to keep referring to the manual to discover what’s gone wrong.

Their machines are probably a few years old when a one gigabyte ram would fulfil their wildest dreams. Operating systems are most likely Vista, Windows Seven or Eight and were not designed to download vast amounts of data that the latest machines can now handle with ease.
So it’s hardly surprising that an older system get’s screwed up big time when unlimited fixes for this problem or that problem, which didn’t even exist before accepting an update.

So if your system does not encounter problems after allowing updates it boils down to three things. (1) Either you are lucky (2) You know quite a bit about computers or (3) You have all the latest gear. And as for the source of my observation, you only have to read through some of the numerous posts on this forum, and other sites just like it, not to mention friends and family who approach me on a weekly basis wondering why they no longer are able to perform tasks on their computers that they once could…