Barnier demands political sovriegntynfor France

Micheal Barnier is seeking freedom from the European court’s jurisdiction
and a return to the original French judicial system in a surprising turnaround
from his usual support for EU institutions ??
Could this be the beginning of the end of EU ??
What an old fraud he turned out to be !!
Widely reported in MSM !!
Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

Don’t you think this could be just be an attempt at a vote catcher since the Europhobes are again on the rise in France?

@Percy_Vere , Yeah sure, but if elected isn’t he bound to do it ?
You know, just like Boris !!
Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

It smacks of desperation, doesn’t it?
It’s beginning to look like the French are soon going to have to choose between the lesser of evils too and suffer the consequences.
I won’t say that I feel sorry for them because their politicians have behaved pretty apallingly towards the UK in recent years.