Barium Trace

I’ve had a swallowing problem for around 15 years or so which means that sometimes food gets stuck and I have to “chuck” it up, but can carry on eating or drinking immediately afterwards. This has got worse over the last year or so, which means that I throw up on average a couple of times a day (might just be a cup of coffee or water, but it needs to be cleared out).

Went for a barium meal X-ray thingy today. Fascinating to see where the blockage is. Will update you all once the consultant has had a nosey and told me what they’re going to do about it.

Have any of you had any Xrays or other radiography stuff, and seen weird goings-on under your skin?

Fifteen years!Why did you put up with such discomfort for so long?
I hope they can sort it quickly.:slight_smile:

I wasn’t looking forward to my last MRI but it was a newer machine and very quiet.It also had a mirror so you could look back into the room.I’ve never seen any test ,it wouldn’t much to me anyway probably.

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I have had a few CT and MRI scans where they inject things into your blood to add contrast during the scan. The worst is when they inject it directly into the spinal column, that is really uncomfortable. Then they do the scan, then repeat it several times, I really hated that

On one occasion I had this unsympathetic nurse who told me that women have epidurals all the time when they are having babies but as I told her, having a needle stuck in their spine is not the most pressing thing on their mind at the time. At least it made her laugh.

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I did have a camera shoved down my throat a bit over a decade ago (I think they were looking for any obvious obstructions or perhaps a hernia), and was told that they thought it’s just mescke spasms that had become out or synch for unknown reasons. Anyway, that was the last I heard of it and was ok to live with it. But it has become much worse lately.

A double endoscopy (both ends) and at my request I followed the camera’s progress … I was fascinated. I was only just with it for the oesophagus but I was fully aware for the t’other end and marvelled at the sight of it all. All the rest such as ultra noisy MRI and CAT scans there was no screen available and I had to wait until afterwards with the consultants to see the results.

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Endoscopy. Yep, thanks for reminding me of the word LD. Was bugging me

I believe the next step for me now is to have one.

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Before the endo, your consultant might try and get his arm up you to what feels like shoulder depth :astonished::point_right::grin: Why do these consultants have fingers as wide as cucumbers eh? :wink:

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My self diagnosis, based on the Xrays and the other symptoms, is achalasia.

Feel free to Google it.

Luckily, I believe the camera will only be top down, so it’s just the gagging reflex that I’ll have to put up with

If they bring a vet in, wearing some pond gloves, then I’ll start getting worried!!

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Your gagging reflux will most probably be paralysed by sedation and deep numbing throat spray; there really is nothing to it and it’s over before you know it …you’ll be fine :ok_hand::+1:

I hope so LD. They didn’t use any sedatives last time, so was gagging a fair amount. Maybe they’ll use them.this time since they know which end of the tube they need to look at, if you catch my drift.

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You are obviously very special ,one in one hundred thousand .