Back to School Tomorrow


The littiles are back to school tomorrow.

For Nadi, it is her first day at big school, new uniform etc and she will be walking there on her own no Mum involved, that would not be cool.

In her mind she is now an adult.

She is nearly 12, has lumps and bumps, wants a boyfriend, but is as feisty has they come.

I feel sorry for whoever she chooses.

Millie, just six, is really looking forward to meeting her friends again, she lives in a very rural location, so lockdown has not been good for her.

The local littlies are making the most of the last day of the holidays, bikes, trikes and electric scooters all over the place.

They have chalked a hopscotch on my cross over, no great shakes, it will pressure wash off.

The leader of the gang is a very astute young lady.

Ian, we are not allowed to get ice cream or sweets from you because you are not family.

If I get Mum to come, you could give them her and then she could give them to us.

She will go far in life, she lives next door but one.

As bright as a button


Wow!!..those holidays went quick, sounds like you have a lot of children living in your area SF…I bet they loved playing hopscotch, as you say it will rub off ,or use the pressure washer. .:+1:

Swims i was always told by my parents never to accept sweets from a stranger and I never did .clearly this little girl has been given the same strictures .
In this day and age especially you can’t be seen taking an interest in children .


Yes Muddy, very sensible advice.

Something I adhere to.

When Millie is here with her mum she is allowed out to play with the local littlies, hence the ice cream thing.

They all know the rules and stick by them.

Ours have been back for a couple of weeks now.,

That’s so adorable Swimmy :grinning:

With schools reopening, there may be a resurgence of Covid though.

Keep safe folks!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. :sweat_smile:
Guess you don’t have that commercial.

I know the song - means Christmas :christmas_tree:

Yes. Over here we have a commercial that plays that song while the moms & dads dance around with glee. :grimacing::partying_face:
Happy parents :joy:

Adorable :blush:

Poor kids! Back to the grindstone for them!

Yes! Poor kids. 🥸

:100: we all had to get through school. Right of passage - so to speak!

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That’s right. Besides, school wasn’t all that bad. It was better than being home


Poor kids ?
They have hardly been at school at all for over a year .

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The thing about being at school is, you sometimes hate it, especially at exam times.
Then you leave, grow up and wish you were back there!! You might even say, they were the best years of your life!!

ours went back 2 weeks ago, but granddaughter in wales goes back tuesday 7th