Back packing around Asia - any advice?

Hi, new here, retiring from work next year, would like to backpack around Asia for a few months once borders are open, wondering if anyone can give me any advice,

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Hi Ronnie, don’t have any advice, but it would be nice if you could tell us a bit about yourself in the ”Your introductions” forum

Will do that now, Thanks

Welcome Ronnie, Asia…big place…anywhere more specific?

At this moment in time thinking of starting in Thailand travel overland to Laos , then vietnam and cambodia, get back to bangkok, then fly to Goa, for approx a month

Hello and welcome.

Take lots of money?

On a more serious note I would say that it’s difficult to give worthwhile advice when we don’t know what experience you have.
Good on you for doing it (or in this case planning it) though and I hope you get there and that you enjoy your travels.

It’s a bloody long walk …but hey! Go for it mate :lol:

Go by train