Back from Corfu hols with covid

Got back from a week in Corfu and tested positive last night for covid. I guess I have just been lucky not to have got it before.

I saw a friend and her partner the day before we went away and they were wearing masks while most others weren’t. She grabbed hold of me and gave me a hug and I asked what the masks were all about. Her partner said they had covid then laughed and she said she thought they were now clear. Obviously theyweren’t!

We had dry throats for a few nights in the hotel but thought it was the air con. We didn’t feel ill.

So that’s that and today I ache all,over, can’t stop sneezing, coughing and really tired.

Anyway the hotel was great, the weather was in the low 30s every day, food fine and we were right on the beach.

I have to say Corfu has a run down look to it now. We haven’t been for 10 years. away from the resorts it’s just miles and miles of dusty roads, olive groves, abandoned cars, graffiti everywhere and derelict buildings.

I know people love to moan about our Govt butwe were well looked after really. We were talking to a Greek lady who said they got €400 a month during the pandemic but they have to pay it back.
We told her people here were furloughed for nearly 6 months on full pay and she couldn’t believe it.
She also told us that if she loses her job she gets €400 a month for 3 months and if she can’t find another job then it’s hard luck and she gets nothing.


Wow…I’m sorry you have Covid now, FP…I know a few returners are coming down with bugs and illness. I blame the plane and the way they recycle air. :frowning_face: I hope you get better soon. The Greek woman…I feel sorry for her, thats a harsh thing to have to deal with.

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I hope its not too awful for you, Flowerpower, and you feel on the mend soon.

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Sorry to hear that Flowerpower, I’ve had a bit of a dry throat during our stay in Llandudno. It’s developed into a cough the last few days but I’ve been feeling fine, climbing hills and doing a bit of jogging. Tonight Mrs Fox has taken to her bed so I hope she’s okay for tomorrow. We don’t have test kits with us but are due to return home on Monday. Fingers crossed it’s just a bit of cold.
Hope you are feeling better soon…


@Flowerpower - what a sad end to your holiday - hope you feel better very soon.

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@OldGreyFox - I hope you and Mrs Fox will be OK - you don’t need a repeat dose of the plague!

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I wish you well, Flower. Sorry to hear this.

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Foxy, one of the offshoots of this covid thingy is folks seem to be accepting coughs and colds in JUNE!!! something strange is going on. :icon_wink:

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Nothing new there, Spitty, there have always been ‘Summer Colds’ about the place. :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

Sorry Tabs, given the levels, I remain unconvinced, watch out Winter. :icon_wink:

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There’s a heck of a lot of hay fever sufferers this year. I think a lot of people mistake the symptoms for a cold, especially if they’ve never had hay fever before. There’s been a big increase this year in the number of new hay fever sufferers, something to do with the relatively mild winter which has extended the pollen season, together with lockdowns which may have weakened our immune systems.

And anyway, as Tabby says, there have always been summer colds.

@Flowerpower, what a rotten shame your holiday has ended in Covid. I do hope you don’t suffer much with it, just a couple of days feeling under the weather and then you bounce back.

I agree Bathsheba, still don’t disguise the fact we are getting more of everything off the back of the Pandemic.


Can’t disagree there Spitty!

Thanks for all your kind comments. It didn’t spoil our holiday because it was just dry throats at night. We had no other symptoms and had no idea we might have covid as we felt fine.

If I felt as ill as I feel today I would have had a rotten holiday so the timing was quite good.

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Isn’t Corfu part of the EU who are supposed to help poorer countries or have I got it wrong?

Sorry to hear Flower. Get well soon.

My niece and her 2 children all had covid last week, my niece had to call an ambulance as she was very ill. Unfortunately her partner has caught it too which is worrying as he has cystic fibrosis . He hasn’t had his 4th jab yet.

My niece told me she has never felt so ill. My niece isn’t one to complain and usually just gets on with it so for her to ring 111 she must have been bad. Thankfully she is on the mend.

5his new variant seems to be spreading like wildfire. Government had gone very quiet about it as they know we cant do anything about it and we are going to have to live with it.

Glad you managed a great holiday but sorry it ended with illness. Aeroplanes as super germ spreaders, I wonder how many of the passengers ended up ill.


I hope you’ll feel better soon Flower.

At least you were able to enjoy your holiday beforehand.

I thought my niece was taking a risk, flying out to Rhodes recently, but she would do anything to have a foreign holiday!

With the virus still about, this is why I am loathe to go abroad just yet, or book holidays in hotels. Seems far too risky.

It was our first holiday since 2019. A lot of friends actually went abroad last year. I also know loads of people who never go abroad yet caught covid here.

Flowerpower, l am so sorry to read you’re not so well. You go on holiday to make you feel better, how rotten for you to come back and not feel so well.

Foxy, l am also sorry to read that you and Mrs Fox aren’t so well again.

I hope you all get well soon. xx