Baby Boomers.... and sex

I wasn’t sure which section to post this in. I decided to put it in health and fitness, because it really is a health issue… and not a joke. Baby Boomers…ie folks in their 50s and 60s… ie most of us… apparently have a really high rate of STDs… why? You would think our generation would be smarter by now… Apparently not…

The Baby Boomer generation may be past the point of accidental pregnancies, but unprotected sex is still a danger as STDs plague the age group.

Dating experts told HuffPost Live they believe the aging generation is becoming complacent in the absence of pregnancy risks.

“In the 60’s it was like free love for everyone and nobody ever thought about that,” dating coach Lisa Copeland said.

“Nobody thinks there’s a problem because we’re not going to get pregnant anymore,” Copeland added. “And that I feel is where everybody’s head is.”

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Yes I’ve heard this - I blame celeb culture for this - everybody doing what they think they ‘should’ do - theres more to life than sex - but not in the culture we now live in …

I am surprised…infidelity the cause?

I am not surprised, many now seem to be trying to relive their youth, divorced and dashing from one bed to another. Not a pretty sight IMO
As Patsy said more to life than sex.

Another aspect… This is the age where, unfortunately, many boomers find themselves widowed… I can attest… the lonliness is horrendous. Not just for sex, but for companionship… In all new relationships… the question of sex is going to come up. If you are looking for another partner… you are going to eventually wind up in the bedroom with that person… it’s inevitable. So as the guy in the video says… get tested for STD BEFORE…

In the case of my 3rd hubby and I… we were both widowed after long term marriages… him 29 years… me 21 years… But we took the leap of faith that both of us had been faithful during those marriages… What if one of us had not been?

Not always the case Audrey - many women now are on the look out for casual sex - its sad - but true

I agree… but as the guy in the video says… men in our age group may not be as eager for casual sex… as the “equipment” may not work as well as it used to… Women may be more interested because we no longer have to worry a about getting pregnant.

On the otherhand… for both sexes… sex is more than just pleasure… It’s a way of connecting with a serious partner. in fact it’s the most intense way of connecting… Being held and touched is a human need at any age… I think senior sex is more about that than just the act.

As a widower I have been told I can have sex at 72 which is handy 'cos I live at 74. :blush:

I suppose a big contributing factor would be because we’re not likely to get pregnant, some people are not bothering to take any precautions. Trouble is, although more mature ladies won’t get pregnant, they can still unknowingly pick up or pass on these diseases.

Heard that one before VM, but still makes me smile. :smiley:

Yes but we are not talking with a ‘serious’ partner here - these woman like the term ‘cougar’ from the celeb world and of course ‘toy boys’ are what they are on the lookout for :twisted:

Absolutely, I’m thinking of changing my e-mail account because every time I log in to Yahoo E-mail there’s loads of stories about what all these ‘front of camera’ workers are doing, it makes me so mad, of course I never open the story but you can’t avoid seeing the headline. In my book the technicians who work behind the cameras are far more intelligent that the muppets who perform in front :lol:

Oh gosh I’m starting to ‘rant’ again :lol: still it’s very nice to find someone who has the same thoughts :slight_smile:

It is Harvey, my Hubs feels the same way as yourself, we are fed up with this in yer face culture too !

If it’s good enough for men - it’s good enough for women :mrgreen:

If men have lots of partners they are called ‘studs’ but if women do, they are called slags :confused:

Women have just as much right to sleep with whomever and how many people they want to imo.

That’s not the issue being discussed at all Azz
The rates are very high of sex related illnesses, so ‘stupid’ is the word I would use …

Somehow… I don’t picture a woman in her 60’s as a cougar… My image of a cougar is a 40 or 45ish woman chasing 20 y/o guys… IMO… we are well beyond the cougar stage… perhaps old Pu****s is a better term… lol!!

Not saying some older ladies don’t pursue mem… but just like men… only in more subtle ways… our equipment has seen better days too…

These women don’t ‘look’ 60 …
Others do - and of course they are just being used - the boys probably have a good laugh at her expense - do I care - not a bit

I was just commenting on your comment Patsy :stuck_out_tongue:



Apparently there are website for people into that :081: (good for them I say)

Of course they have the right, didn’t say otherwise, don’t have to like the thought - do I :-p

When we were fighting for equality I had hoped men would become more equal to women and none of us would be out there doing it willy nilly, sadly we have all adopted the slack moral approach some men have always had. Not all men mind you, many were and still are not like that at all.