Australia Sends Troops

Australia has sent troops and police to the Solomon Islands in the face of civil unrest.

Australia will deploy a peacekeeping force to Solomon Islands after violent protests targeted parliament, Chinese businesses and other buildings in the Pacific nation’s capital, Honiara.

China is insidiously taking over the world .

You are right Muddy & I suspect that having watched Islam becoming so successful at trying to do the same, they believe that the world could be controlled by communism!
Chinese people have learned to do as they are told & so have Islam followers.
I don’t want to see the world as both parties would make it, but whilst much of the western world are more interested in having the best economy, all Islam & China want is servile dependent, followers, or underlings who will do what their leaders command.
They have already achieved that with their present people and I believe that one of them, or maybe both, will achieve their aim.!
I still believe that China were responsible for the Covid virus & I am certain that Islam are responsible for the immigration problem. Leading governments of other countries are still trying to appear like they are kind to all… and will be the losers in this! :scream: