Asbo mick- retired plumber

I Luv Images…I Hate URLs…:077:
I’m new here but I will Struggle on Stumbling & Dribbling

Good morning Mick matey, let me be the first to welcome you aboard.

Nice to see you here Mick, enjoy!!!

Hello and welcome to the forum Mick. :smiley:

Thank you Spider… Its a pity I cannot Browse my Images on here

Thank you …I’m going to Explore the site now…

Hi Mick, and I am really pleased that you found us here.
You should be well at home on this forum.
It would be lovely if you could pop into our Cheeky Friendly Banter Thread from time to time with some of that wonderful stuff that you have.

There is a password which is hahaha, so please get your backside and your stuff in there.
There is an Adult section, and some of your erm’ dodgier stuff better go in there anyway,
or you just might get told off.
Just like I did.:smiley:

By the way, some of our ‘belly up’ forum wonders are there as well so we can help you settle in.

Best regards mate.


thanks M8 …I found Images …

Thanks Kenny

Careful Mick outside of the Adult Section.:-p

Or it just might be the site Admin Azz or his luvverly even handed mods,
who come and gettcha .:-D:lol:

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Hello Asbo Mick. :shock:

Are we safe? Welcome, if so. :lol:


Heeeellllloooo Asbo glad you found us. Welcome aboard its a very good site lots of luverly peeps. I’m sure you will feel at home pretty soon.
venus x

Another Mick - great stuff!

Glad you found your way Asbo.

I think I’m in the wrong place if my QUEEN image upsets ADMIN…I want to be seen by a wider audience than the Adult Section.

Hello Mick and welcome to the forum.


Naaahhh. It isn’t the queen mate.
It is possibly what she said.

Look Asbo.
I was only trying to help, so you go off to your wider audience and create all your different threads.
Good luck with that as I toodle off while shutting my gob! ;-):-D:lol: