Around The World In 80 Days

Starring David Tennant, this adaptation of the Jules Verne classic started last night with the first 2 episodes shown back-to-back. I must say I wasn’t impressed. Tennant is a much better actor than this series portrays him to be.

Here’s the Daily Telegraph’s review.

I was quite pleased with the 1956 version with David Nivens. I was equally disappointed in the 1980 version with Jackie Chan. I am a Jules Verne fan through and through I hope the do this version justice. If they put 1/4 the effort in redoing the Verne movies with half the fervor they have gone after the Comic Book movies.
We might actually get some movies worth watching that don’t contain a web slinger or someone wearing a cape. :smiley: :smiley:
One more thing BTW. Every time they redo a Jules Verne, it’s billed as a family movie, while all of the DC, Marvel and Hasbro movies are aimed at adults. I really don’t get that at all.

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I watched both episodes & can’t say I was impressed either. I’ll probably watch the rest, if nowt else on though.
David Tennant was brilliant in every other thing I’ve seen him in, but not this.
Good Omens was amazing, both David & Michael Sheen excelled in that series.
Des won him an award & that was brilliant, he was a super Dr. Who.
In the film What We Did On Our Holidays, also brilliant, though the accolade really goes to Billy Connolly in that.
Staged was brilliant too.
There was another TV program he was in, but I can’t remember it’s name, it was about a family & he was the Dad.

Around The World in 80 Days, is not as good as any of the films/series I have mentioned.
I feel for David if others think the same.
I also don’t remember in the book, Phileas Fogg being so self doubting.
And I totally agree with the Daily Telegraph’s review. Never thought I’d even put that. :grinning:

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Absolute rubbish with the BBC doing its usual and spoilng a great story by its over the top polittically correct casting and interpretation.
As for David Tennant i have never rated him much as an actor though he did play a really creepy part very well in the film The Bad Samaritan.:smiley:

We’re following this, seen 4 episodes so far, some better than others.
I think Tennant is a fine actor and he’s put his own interpretation of the Phileas Fogg character into the drama as an over privileged self doubting bit of a twit at times aristocrat.
But now his private emotions have been revealed it’s more interesting…

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I am still watching it. I agree Ruthio, David is a brilliant actor. Can’t say the plot is like the book though, but it’s different.

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Final episode tonight!

I watched all this on iPlayer and absolutely loved
It! I thought David Tenant played the part very well. I was really sorry to reach the end of the series!

I preferred the Michael Palin one.