Armchair travel on charabanc

Forget the stress of struggling through airports and train
stations…relax and enjoy travel from
the comfort of your favourite armchair ::

Lets see how much of the globe we can explore together ::


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Today we are off to explore all that Lincoln has to offer - historic and beautiful - enjoy

Paphos - Cyprus.

Stary Smokovec - Slovakia

Lovely video of this fascinating and historic city, Sweetie Pie

I have just returned. I like this thread. Where are we going next?

How about a trip to beautiful Paris - - let’s explore what it has to offer ::

Thanks for your two posts Uncle Joe – - very nice and interesting sights to see in both.

So where next???
Mmm -----

A lovely location, SP - Thank you for posting.

I loved it there. People are lovely. x

Where next???

Thanks … Fab video :023:

video … not so sleek

about Sintra, not Lisbon

but anywhere in Portugal is OK by me :smiley:

You choose one Doody, there are loads. x
PS I have posted pics of my visit to Bristol on Scribbles.:lol:

I’ve just been looking on yt for some sort of promo video featuring where I live … Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Kensington … but it shows gigs … that’s what we do.

Your Bristol vid is amazing and I think I’m wasted on stills … video is the future. :cool:;-):smiley:

What about this.:lol:

Yeah … good advert, upbeat, I know all those places intimately. :smiley:

I live just outside K&C … a short bus ride away.

It was difficult to find a good Youtube.

Where shall we go next???

A visit to the vibrant city of toronto canada

Toronto is a vibrant, fast paced, Multi-cultural city - situated on Lake Ontario – come along and enjoy all it has to offer!