Arise Sir Lewis - Hamilton to be knighted

Spitty :slight_smile:

We like to build people up and then take great delight in knocking them down again, a British trait

That’s very true Primus, there appears to be a lot of people who are very jealous of people who do well, for some reason.

Their generosity to charities is to be commended but it is not something they brag about.

Guilt complex Mags !!
They dont have to brag, someone does it for them !!
If they paid their due tax, there would be NO need for charity ?
Plus they claim any charity payments back from irs ??
Sometimes even get a rebate??


I thought someone posted that Hamilton pays his taxes and also donates to charity?

Anyone that “takes the knee” does not deserve my respect IMO of course.

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Do you think HM feels the same?

It’s official, it’s now sir lewis Hamilton, congrats lewis…

Strange times.

and from me

Congrats Lewis


I am a white male ex manager.

Discrimination was alien to me.

In 1989 I was seriously injured, on Crutches for years and then sticks.

I was subject to abuse and discrimination.

It was not pleasant.

Not only regularly abused as being a cripple, but given a few kickings and having my crutches taken and having to crawl just to amuse them.

I got better and without the crutches, the discrimination, taunts and abuse stopped.

If you are black you cannot change your colour.

I am not the nicest of people.

The local pillocks who had made my life hell did not enjoy life when I got better.

I do not do gestures like taking the knee.

I did however make sure they knew my views.

Just shows what rubbish the so called honours system is. I see nothing honourable in being associated with some of the dross that are on the list these days.

Congratulations Lewis…

Completely agree Tabs, mostly a travesty which has just been proven…

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One bloke, one team, one car, we will never know, not like Boxers.

Its hard to embrace a team player .

Somehow or other I totally missed the news that Lewis Hamilton was to be knighted. I only knew about this after seeing the news item on the link below, posted on here as an update to the original news:

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A little boy with big dreams!
The passage of time… well deserved :049:

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Good for Lewis Hamilton. He is an enormous talent and deserves every bit of his knighthood.

Well done, he’s extremely generous with charities and has pledged to give more millions in the next few years, …:pray: