Aren't you glad now that we left the EU?

New EU Law Would Allow Seizure Of Private Property During Pandemic Emergencies - Unredacted

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I saw that in a newspaper article before Crimbo and thought about posting it on here but decided against it. I would be appalled by such trickery if it happened in the UK.

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It sounds like requisitioning in times of war …

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Yes, it does, but it’s not a physical war between nations, it’s “Pandemic Emergencies”. Besides, nowhere does it say anything about the return of property after the emergency is over.

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This reminds me of back in January this year when the EU threatened to blockade vaccine exports …

No, I’m still very disappointed we’ve left and hope we rejoin.

Covid has shown that we don’t know what horrible crisis we may have to cope with in the future.

So having a policy for emergency requisitioning whether it’s in time of war, health crisis or natural emergency seems sensible to me.

I’m sure our lot would do the same if up against it.

And why would they want to let vaccines leave their countries to go to outsiders like the U.K. if they didn’t have enough to treat their own?

Again, if our PM did that, he’d have got lynched.

I’d trust living under EU rules and principles a lot more than living under Johnson’s, he’s dishonest and can’t be trusted to behave properly.


Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I fully agree with your final point: Boris is dishonest and can’t be trusted to lead our country!

As for re-joining the EU, I can’t see that happening for two reasons:
Firstly, the majority of Brits voted to leave and I believe the same situation pertains.
Secondly, more EU countries are now having second thoughts (Poland, Hungary, even France), so there is a distinct possibility that what some of us have said before - that the EU is destined to fall apart - will come to pass before ever we are likely to think about joining again.


Yes, the majority voted to leave so we had to, you can’t have a vote and not do it.

But that means if the majority want to go back in, we should do that too. And it was mostly old people who voted out so maybe young people in the future will take us back in, I hope so and that I see it in my lifetime.

And I hope the EU doesn’t break up, I think it could do great things for the people and countries who belong and that it would make more sense for us to trade and be allies with our closest neighbours.

You would? At least we can get rid of Boris … the EU were nothing more than parasitic leeches who bled us dry.

The fact that we seem to have made a mess post-Brexit is our own fault …but I’d still rather not run back into their deadly embrace.

Even now the Polish Deputy PM is accusing Germany of turning Europe into the Fourth Reich, not that Poland is in a strong enough position to complain having been a major beneficiary of EU grants and financial aid packages.


I don’t think their embrace is deadly though, more a good thing, but that having a PM like Johnson and trusting our lives to him could well be deadly.

The members are bound to have disagreements about the future of the EU, but their are advantages to being part of a powerful coalition of your closest neighbours when it comes to world influence and security, and as you say, grants and financial aid and mutual support.

I think Brexit has left us a bit isolated in a sea of sharks and countries like the US, Japan and Australia only fair weather friends while they think they can get something out of us.

Well said, Morty. Similarly, there were quite a lot of people in the late 1930s who saw nothing wrong with Germany’s expansions and some even suggested that we should form an alliance with them, and look what happened then!
You’re right about them bleeding us dry as well. In fact, they’re not done yet. With Boris’s help they are still receiving £millions of our money with no benefit to us.

However, to clarify the emboldened point, it was Boris (and May, of course) who made a mess of it, not us! May was certainly a remoaner - I believe that has now been proven - and I’m convinced that Boris is the same, or at least his greenie wife.


I’m afraid that one cuts both ways … they probably thought the same of us when we dumped them in favour of close ties and trading with Europe.

The only countries that prosper from membership are the poor countries like Poland, Italy, Spain … I say ‘poor’ but they are well bolstered with loans and grants.
France and Germany, whilst not poor … actually seem to run the EU.
Which left us in particular as one of the highest contributors with very little to show for it …
As a comparison … in 2014 Poland received €17.436 billion from the EU whilst only contributing €3.526 billion .

It’s a good club to get in if you have nothing to begin with.
It’s a bad club to stay in because you end up with nothing.


Maybe. Be we don’t need a vast bureacracy to trade with other European countries, thank you very much. If the original tenets of free trade between nations was still in play and not the self-serving kleptocracy it has become, then things would be a lot smoother. We don’t need unelected bureacrats and a European parliament to oversee things and interfere with the running of sovereign nations.
On Twitter, there are some who advocate rejoin and reform. We all know this will never happen, those in power and control will never relinquish that power and control. This is evidenced by the slight concession that David Cameron requested before Angela Merkel told him to do one. This one action resulted in giving the people of the UK a referendum to leave or remain. Just to think, if it wasn’t for Merkel and the EU’s intransigence, we might still be trapped in the giant cesspool.


Don’t we still buy German cars? Don’t some idiots still buy French cheese and wine?
It’s a shame that they don’t buy very much of our products, but that’s life.

Personally, I’d be happier if we bought what we want from non-EU countries. Why support our enemies?

I have to admit that we bought a German car last time, but to be honest it turned out not to be as good as we had expected. Japanese or South Korean next time, thank you.
I never drink… wine…(sorry, just recalling a Dracula film!), but cheese? Never French. Absolutely not. We British produce excellent cheeses.

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Doesn’t the UK still have compulsory purchase orders? If so, how is this different?

Never been sure who to trust, if any of the candidates. :smiley:

The EU are nothing but a lying, cheating, money orientated bunch of crooks that ever walked this earth. It’s a fine example of big business and commercialism running out of control and destroying everything in it’s path, controlled by a bunch of money grabbing, self serving, industrialists who have raped the UK of all of it’s skills and closed many of it’s family run establishments and factories.

The channel tunnel should be bricked up and all the airports closed. They have brought nothing useful into this country including Covid, that we couldn’t produce here, or go without.
Remainers are traitors in the highest order, and when migrants cross the channel in their flimsy craft, they should be used to send the remainers back to the Europe they love and banned for life from ever returning to the UK.


No surprise the EU is capitalising on a pandemic to push their agenda.

All governments have but the EU land grab will force businesses abroad. Employees don’t want to work for companies where there homes could be taken by the government.

The bigger worry is when and if the EU declare the pandemic over… I think they will extend it to infinitum so they can continue to implement their plan … which look to me like private properties becoming social housing.


That is exactly what I thought about the first common market leave/stay referendum which is why I voted to leave way back then. The whole set up even then was biased against the people in the streets and towards the state as an almost dictator.
Leaving the EU this time around was a smart move IMO :ok_hand::+1:


Had the European Economic Community stayed as a free trade area like it was when we joined, I would agree with your comment. However, it morphed into a group of countries governed by a quasi-federal government. Although I voted to join the EEC, I voted for Brexit and am damned glad we won the 2016 referendum. If the EU’s politicians, bureaucrats, and commissioners just got their fingers out of their collective backsides and worked with us, then I see no problems with us being out of the EU. Trade and being allies in the case of a war could still happen.

When we finally joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in :thinking: 1973, was it?, the UK was widely known as “the poor man of Europe”.

Including excellent, if expensive, versions of Camembert, Brie, etc.