Are you sick of UK politicians and the UK political system?

As much as this guy?

(Warning: contains strong language)

I wonder if we’ll ever seen an uprising, more and more people are waking up to how corrupt and broken the system is…


All I know is, I would not be tempted to do “Bullshit” for 92 grand a year, what other folks do is up to them, if the system allows it.

If you pay them a good wage there’s less chance of them being bribed. :rofl:

Its money for old rhubarb :grin:

I’ve been saying this for a long time Azz…sooner or later there is going to be a revolution. Just minor social unrest at the moment with ULEZ cameras being sabotaged and protests about the illegal immigrants, which incidentally don’t get shown on the MSM, as don’t all the protests by the German, French, Dutch and Canadian farmers… You think it’s bad here with MP’s taking money under false pretences. Think how bad it would have been if we still belonged to that money grabbing bunch of imposters in Brussels…


It makes me so angry . Its time it really is

Where can i find this video i want to send to friends .

The system stinks as do the politicians.
A vote of no confidence springs to mind.

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Its more than just Westminster and MP’s, is it not? There is a disconnect between the large local councils and ordinary people. This is confirmed by the lack of care and concern about the roads, the schools, the litter, etc.

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We have an extra tier MSP’s up here who will get a pay rise April. Our first minister’s salary will be more than Rishi Sunak’s

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Sick of the UK system that has, after all, preserved political stability over centuries and prevented dictatorships and political experiments in your country? What would you like to have instead? An authoritarian system at one end or Italian and, increasingly, German conditions with a fragmented party landscape at the other end of the scale which might lead to unstable conditions and the end of a free society ? Or anything in between? What would that be?

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Another thing that annoys me……even when they attend, they don’t look like they can be bothered

I was watching yesterday and a guy behind the one speaking had his head on his hand looking thoroughly sleepy and bored, then he got his phone out and started texting :rage:

Or maybe he was in a tractor porn site🤣

You try working in a call centre or supermarket till and texting when you’re supposed to be working, you’d soon get a rocket

He must have known he was on camera because he was right behind the MP speaking but he just didn’t care or thought it was an appropriate way to behave?

Very rude and unprofessional and total contempt for us who are paying his salary :rage:


Azz ive looked on you tube cant find this can you give me a link please .

it’s probably tik toc susan. A mystery to all of us.

All I can say is much as I dislike the clowns, 92k is not much to live on after tax these days when it comes to this type of work (where you are expected to have the wardrobe, the cars, the lifestyle to wine and dine the rich and powerful). So not much if you expect someone to do a good job. I would say that it might put off some of the better types who may do a better job if they could afford to manage on that and keep up with the silver spooners. Perhaps that is why the PM has billions behind him?

How do we compare with other countries?

Here ya go Susan - just copy and paste this to whoever you want to share it with:

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Terminology is important here :grin:

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Quite a bit of the additional expenses you cite can be claimed and they won’t all have to come out of the MP’s salary. I think at 92k one should expect MP’s to only do the job of MP and not have other paid roles, such as consultancy or advisory work. Or even writing a book - which some seem to think is more important than the job they are being paid to do.


they likely do the other jobs to pay for the lifestyle they are expected to have. But my main point is that the current system creates less opportunity for those without a gilded bank balance to help run the country. So people can’t complain about old Etonians etc if the system encourages only the moneyed to apply.

Another woman sick of Sunak and the tories and the corrupt political system:

(Warning: contains strong language!)

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