Are you a worry wort

This may have been covered before, apologies if it has.

I’m such a stress head and worry wort and I really do wish I wasn’t. I just don’t know how to stop worrying, everything worries me and I worry if I have nothing to worry about! The worry causes me such anxiety which is horrible.

Are you a worrier or stress head, if you are how do you cope, can you give any tips, I have tried things like deep breathing which helps with the stress and anxiety to some degree but the worries just won’t go out of my head.

I overthink too much and I wish I didn’t but life just keeps on throwing chit our way and I wish it would leave us alone for a bit!!

I think we are due a break.

Are you like me and conquered it? Tips anyone?

Help anyone?


I was a huge worry wart…I had plans a,b,c,d all going on. I used to worry if I had nothing to worry about!

Then I realised…these things that “might” happen, or “might” go wrong, aren’t actually real. Its all in my head because I felt a little bit more in control if I had a plan to work with, just in case.

As soon as I let it all go and concentrated on the next moment, and the moment after that…well, the relief was immense and I was SO much happier and relaxed.

Thats all I have as far as advice goes, LQ. Just concentrate on the facts that are going on right now, and let everything else that is going on in your racing mind, go. :hugs:

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I didn’t used to be but I have been since lockdown.

I’m not worried about Covid but I’m fretting about everything else.

I think maybe I miss getting out and about and I’ve had too much time to think about things

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@LionQueen Has any of your worrying actually changed anything you worry about? If not then that might be a way of helping to realise that worrying changes nothing, it is in effect a totally negative emotion that feeds on itself.

Edited to add:
Try doing things where you are in control, this may help with anxiety. During the lockdown I felt totally our of control of everything my life. Except when I could get in the car and just drive, that was something I could control and it helped with the feelings being experienced.


sorry to hear Maree, Covid has caused so much anxiety in all sorts of ways, hope you be ok xxx

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you know Baz, you are so right, it’s a demon in my head that needs to do one

I see what I have seen before, but still get suckered because of Ego, that worries me. :biking_man:

Hi LQ :slightly_smiling_face: I am a terrible ‘worrier’ and always imagine the worst scenario.

Only one thought can predominate in your mind at a time and it is possible to teach yourself to concentrate on one ‘benign’ thing , learning meditation techniques will help you do this.


I know you’ve been through a tough time recently and it’s good to see you posting again, I hope you and John are improving however slowly.

I have a close family member who has various problems and finds that being immersed in arts and crafts gives a way of ‘switching off’ from everything. It is recognised and is actually called ‘art therapy’. I wonder if your flair for design and what you produce using that might be a way of relaxing, putting anxiety out of your mind, if only for a short while which may get longer each time?

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just what I’ve been doing tonight Baz here is my creation i worked on tonight


Looking good LQ – it’s very intricate, did your anxiety reduce when doing that?
I guess it probably did, a lot of concentration is needed for something like that.

It is often caused by an overload…
The Brain is a complicated organ…nobody really knows, even the cleverest have not solved so much as you would ‘think’ in this day and age of the wonderful discoveries that do happen form time to time.
… the science’s has not got very far with understanding the immense complexity of the Machine called the Brain…
I have had over thinking to the extreme and it took me to a very bad place…I have few answers but I do Yoga and Meditation daily.
I take vitamins and minerals every day regardless of others views…must include at least all of the vitamins B.s
If I feel a problem that can be solved with natural ways, I take it…use to take many things from the Health Stores and believe that is what suits me.
I am rather anti Medications but some I take as things like Hashimoto’s Disease can be actually life threatening if not checked and medicated… although a fairly common hereditary disease, like many things no reason to know about it…
People don’t talk about many issues that affect our well being…Self help is sometimes not enough and seek help via your Doctor…there are some helpful treatments on offer that might just help this over reacting to everyday issues that most people push away easily…
…but when it hits you it is very hard to stop that cycle…that is what you need but you cannot sometimes however much you try the mind goes wandering back to churning over stuff…
Off loading to others can help…also in your mind have a chest and fill with your constantcbothersome thoughts, shut it closed and lock it…
you have to try and feed the mind with other good thoughts…and throw away somewhere the bad ones…
Good luck to you…

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Sorry baz I had arranged wrong this is how it looks now


Hobbies are so good for you and try and just do things that get you really involved in what your doing…


Looking good though, even better, I think it’s all very clever the way it’s done. Even more so when I recall how you found you had that flair for design, almost totally by accident.

Good grief! Now that’s one way to get rid of the worrybugs! That looks great!

This is what keeps my energy focussed on something positive. I keep my hands busy doing something productive.

Worrying for me became somewhat of an ocd thing :roll_eyes::pleading_face:

If you have a start point, there is nothing to worry about, if you don’t, you are in free fall. :biking_man:

Shame that Biker needed a “Push Off”. :biking_man:

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