Are You A Grazer

Do you graze throughout the day on food ,snacks,etc?

Or ,do you never eat in between meals?

Do you have set meal times?

Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon tea, supper, night cap?

Can’t face food first thing, rarely eat before mid morning.
Often skip lunch…Maybe a shortbread biccy or 2 with my tea at 4ish
Trying to have dinner earlier now, 7ish, and that’s it.

How about you ?
Are you going to answer your own questions Pauline?!

Not since I retired some 18yrs ago.

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Hearty breakfast at six, main meal is lunch at twelve, and then a light tea at five of just a couple of biscuits with cheese and a piece of fruit. Nothing else then, not even a drink in the evening before breakfast again the next day, and no snacks in between unless my self discipline wavers, when on a rare occasion I may have a biscuit with my morning coffee…

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We eat breakfast @ about 8 (usually porridge or cereal or occasionally toast) we have a light lunch around 1. Usually homemade soup or a sandwich. We have our main meal at 6, sometimes slightly earlier. It’s homecooked from scratch.

I never eat between meals and I am fine with that. Sounds really good but we get to about 9pm and I am like a demented woman craving something sweet. Ideally a bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut chocolate!! :rofl: I have not bought any chocolate since Christmas but I SO miss it.


Yes have set meal times within reason. Breakfast, lunch and tea.
Depend on what I’m doing times may vary a little.
Wouldn’t say I’m a grazer, but more often than not will have a snack between tea and bed time. :cow2:

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I graze a fair bit as I work shifts so set meal times are simply a myth.
Does make it feel that bit more special when I get to sit down to a meal with the family


I drink about 4 lattes throughout the day, I am addicted to them, I also add sugar, syrup, cream.

I eat a salad wrap around 15.00…I used to eat late at night, stopped doing that,…I also like to eat fruit…

Baked potato sometimes, no butter on it, served with tuna and salad.

I just have coffees for breakfast & a cereal bar, I don’t wake up till I’ve had my coffees. Lunch is a sandwich, toast or a toasted tea cake, evening meal at around 6 p.m. I snack on crisps & chocolate at odd times during the day, or a banana or apple.

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For me it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes I skip the lunch - the excellent breakfast my dear wife usually does me for the day.

When I have the urge to snack. I find a few saltines and I am good for a while. I typically eat a full meal only once a day. Somewhere between lunch and supper. :grin: :grin:

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I put on 12 lbs over lockdown which I’m pleased to report I have now lost …I cut out snacks altogether a habit I don’t want to fall back into.


I don’t snack, never have that I can remember. Breakfast at 9am, lunch at 1:30pm, cake and a cuppa at 5pm, dinner at sometime between 7:30 and 8pm.

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Not a grazer.
2 meals a day and one snack usually.
11am first meal, between 5 to 7 for second meal.
Snack at 3pm or sometimes 8pm. Never really because I am hungry. More of just a want.

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Good for you.

Grazer. Definitely, but I only eat two meals a day, never breakfast.

Now that I think about it, perhaps I only eat one continuous meal :rofl:.


I have to stretch out my two crusts to last all day, and how do you use an oxo twice in a day to dip in

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Well, you chop up the crusts into little pieces, and dilute the oxo cube with hot water. Then you pop the pieces of bread into the liquid, and so you have soup. :+1:

wonderfull Pix, oxo soup mmm

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