Are we being cheated?

Oxo Cubes - Solid little cubes - been around in most if not all kitchens since Adam was a lad. Some time ago Oxo decided to cut the cubes to shape an “X”. But the cubes remained the same size - was thinking in the early reaches of yestermorn - what do they do with the bits they cut out to make the “X” shape? Add them up over a box of 12 and there would be enough to make another cube! We are being charged the same price for less oxo - I call that cheating - what do you think


I would agree with you Tabby! Maybe they just stamp out the X, mush up the rest and roll it out to make a new square then stamp again? I haven’t seen them - I just get the little pots or make my own.


Isn’t it weird - the trivial things that puzzle the mind when you wake up in the night?!

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According to this article, dated 2009, when the new shape was introduced:

Oxo makers Premier Foods said the X-shaped blocks will go on sale from September and the only traditionally shaped ones available will be the dwindling supplies already on shop shelves.

It was initially thought that the change would be for a limited period but a spokesman said yesterday: ‘There are no plans to change back to the cube. It’s permanent.’

He said the size and weight of the block would remain unchanged.


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Premier says the stock will be more compacted so customers get the same weight per block, despite the volume lost by making the notches.

It looks like no loss of quantity in the X shaped cubes

not to believed for one minute - it’s a scam

Here’s an old pack of OXO:

here’s a more recent one

Both weigh 71g … :neutral_face:

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Aye, is that with the box or just the cubes themselves…sneaky OXO people would love to fiddle the figures! :wink:

You just made me go and check my Oxo Cubes!
2009 they changed?

Maybe it’s to designed distinguish Oxo from the competition and provide an imagined value?

Well, the second (newer) box says that each cube weighs 5.9 g - 12 x 5.9 = 70.8 - I guess Premier Foods are telling the truth … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Next time I buy them…I’ll be weighing each one, you mark my words! Nobody gets away with diminishing MY cubes! :open_mouth:

I’ve just weighed a couple (different flavours) on my digital scales and they each weighed 7g - the 12-pack (full) weighed 87g.

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Haha! ok, you saved me a job then! :smiley: :+1:

cubes oxox etcee

It has been different for me since Brexit…Have had to source my beef stock cubes here in France or do use Germany occasionally , got my 1000 bags of Tetley Tea Bags there recently…

Bought the French cubes as in the photo, but not half as good as Oxo’s …then Habal offered to send me some via an email…how positively, errhh, cute of him :thinking: :thinking:

Then my luck changed and I found some real Oxo Cubes, all 12 in a pack, never noticed the change of shape…Was the last thing on my mind when I had the excitement on opening my first real OXO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shape irrelevant to moi…less or more…irrelevant of course…
p.s. UK prices around £1.00 for 12…French prices from 2.30 Euros for 12

As long as you get a square deal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I reckon I know how these new OXO "cubes are made - they’re extruded through an X-shaped die then cut to length.

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