Anyone with Wessex Water? ……Freebies

Look at these nice freebies I got from Wessex water……

There’s a gunk pot for cooking fats, a hair catcher, a sink filter, some face pads and some tissue spritz, all designed to prevent blockages and help the environment

Obviously what would also help the environment would be not discharging sewage into the sea and repairing leaks, but hell, a freebie’s a freebie :rofl:

I think you can still order some too but they may have run out of the face wipes and spritz

Order your free waste devices | Wessex Water

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Errr yep I’m a spoilsport, is necessary or sensible to be handing out free plastic , likely to end up in landfill
Would is rather see the money was put towards improvements.

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They told me to put a brick in the cistern to reduce water usage. I told them my bricks go in the toilet underneath the cistern.

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Have you tried Fruit and Fibre? :rofl:

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Yep but it clogged up the pipework. Maybe I should have removed it from the Sainsburys plastic bags. :wink:

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try pitted prunes…

Bloody hell!
They could at least have been gift wrapped.
Lucky Wessex :slightly_smiling_face: