Anyone watch BookTube?

I just learned about BookTube today. From what I’m reading BookTube is a group of YouTubers who have channels based on books.

I was reading a comment on a genre of books called cozy mysteries. Someone mentioned BookTube there.

Here’s a channels guide I found.

Anyone watch any BookTubers?

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No? I didn’t even know it existed! I’m going to check it out, thanks!

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There’s a subReddit on BookTubers. On it, I found this youtube on booktube.

Based on the video, they have book discussion in the comments section, readathons, which are themes for the month and tags, where they all respond to a specific tag. Seems like a fun community.

I didn’t realize I had seen some BookTubers when I watched some reviews of cozy mysteries. Here’s a cozy mystery BookTuber. She has read a ton of cozy mysteries.

I used to watch some of her videos on her book hauls.


No? I didn’t even know it existed!

Me neither, Pixie. Just a quick look, but doesn’t appeal to me.
Is it an American thingy?

Here’s a short list of UK BookTubers

Here’s a UK BookTuber doing a video on Rural British Reads

Thanks Butterscotch.
Just had a quick listen to the girl on the link, but found her gabbling very irritating I’m afraid.
Surely no need for the silly moo to swear when making what is supposed to be an informative video on books either.

Thanks for trying to show me, though. :+1:

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