Anyone play chess?

Hi Folks
Does anyone play chess?

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Yes i play chess, not very often now , but online occasionally;

Very rarely, really not any good at it.

Don’t want to brag but got up to county standard when I was a lot younger, ie in the teens. Havn’t been near a chess board since. its a very thought provoking game

I played for some years but then I travelled extensively.

Thanks folks

I have recently started to learn to play by watching Youtube videos and was wondering if it is popular for the over 50s.

@geek84 Yes, but finding the time is the problem for me and also game partners who are still breathing. I did get into Raumschach (3D chess) but the extra playing ‘planes’ really needed a defragged computer like memory :man_shrugging:

@LongDriver - yes I do agree with you about the time issue

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I’ve got to check Raumschach out. I dont have my own computer, so I’m concluding its high graphics?

I play chess occasionally and enjoy the board. Finding an opponent would be nice.