Anyone know what this creature is?

I was weeding this morning and found this under my garden bench, thought it was a snail but it’s not it has eyes like a frog, does anyone know what it is

it’s about 2 inches long and has stripes…I’ve never seen one of these before

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Looks like a caterpillar of some sort Paula?

I googled garden pests, and it seems it’s called a cutworm, I’d never heard of them or seen any before…but they can destroy plants…

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It’s difficult to tell from the photo but I am sure I have seen them before… I just always thought they were fat caterpillars :lol: :icon_redface: I’m glad you’ve found out what they are and I will keep an eye out for them in future :003:

What is the recommended way to ‘get rid’ of them? Or should they just be left alone?

It’s an elephant hawk moth catapillar


Thanks Ashley - that’s the one I was thinking of, tho the ones I’ve see were a bit greener? (More like the one in Paula’s pic)

I agree with you Chillie.
Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar.


Amazing how beautiful moths can be


That’s exactly what it looked like…they say it can bury under the plant and eat it off at the root