Anyone into metal/rock music?

Any body into metal/rock. If so any recommendations for listening.
My tastes range from 70s rock, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash etc
Through to power metal Dragonforce and the like.
Also into female fronted symphonic metal Nightwish etc:-)


Have you sampled this band’s music?

Just for a little taster, listen to their David Draiman’s rendition of Sound of Silence, where he really gets stuck in from around 1:50 onwards … fantastic!!

Yes know them. That and Down with the Sickness.
I like the live version of the sound of silence. Has the lead singer of Alterbridge doing harmonies. Spine tingling:-)

Sorry should have added link

I’m a prog rock dinosaur. The closest I’ve ever come to heavy metal is liking some of Black Sabbath’s, Led Zepp’s, Deep Purple, Dream Theater’s, and Rush’s output.

Another band I like

My daughter is a heavy metal freak, when she was a lot younger she would go with her pals every year to the big Monsters of Rock Festivals.

Yes,I bought Argus by Wishbone Ash years ago and do still play it now and then although it’s not really my type of music.
I’ve never had any of their records but I do enjoy watching the live Iron Maiden concerts on youtube too.

Yeah I like both genres. I like most music. I probably can’t give you any new recommendations though

Music is my main Hobby and had a reason to listen to some prog rock this passed few days and finding it not anything I can relate to…Rock yes, like my friend Chillie6 he introduced me to Nightwish which I would never likely have listen to off my own back…although I do go out of my way to give stuff a try. My era would be the 60’s, is good but do not want to stay in it…
Genesis listed as Prog Rock but think that is at there beginning with Peter Gabriel…so this is a good example of something worth listening to hardly Prog Rock though…Basically to me…live is the best, the atmosphere creates and brings out the best music…

another great song from them…

You are not alone, Chillie. The female front is responsible for many a Nightwish. :wink:

nightwish Nemo, just a favourite of mine…

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Some power metal by Dragonforce

I sort of missed the Deep Purple/Wishbone era and I really should catch up one day.

Good one for you Longdogs easy listening one to me…

Great Hawkwind cover. Sorry too lazy to embed!

I prefer this though

Was just nice to find these

Nice one Dianne :041:

The thing is with music, mood comes into it at times, so many other things influence us and I could never say that I prefer whatever to anybody as we all are individuals in our tastes at different times. My music tastes are vast, but not all are.

That’s true.I always like listening to music but the genre can change from day to day.