Anyone had a brush with Pneumonia?

I remember my Father having it in the early 70’s.
He got us three kids out of bed at about midnight saying,
“This is not our house. We have to go home”
We walked about 1/2 a mile before he sort of zoned out and we steered him back home.
Us kids just thought he was drunk again.
He spent time in hospital but that is all I remember.

My Brother contracted Pneumonia at one time. He was about 20 years old and a heavy drinker.
I think that contributed to his contracting it.

My mother used to get pneumonia on an annual basis–usually in the fall. It took us years to figure out that it was a sever allergic reaction to a certain kind of pollen–and her allergy was left untreated and developed into pneumonia.

I’ve never had pneumonia and hope I never do.

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The year before covid first began to stalk the land, I contracted pleurisy (an infection/inflammation outside the lungs), followed by pneumonia (infection/inflammation inside the lungs).

Both were agonisingly painful.

I have since had the pneumo jab, and I hope I never get either again.

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All my brushes are completely disease free :wink:

(except the one in the garage which may have a touch of mange)


Yes, when I was only 5 years old. Was out of it most of the time according to what my mother told me.
It seems we had builders in making quite a noise but I never heard them.
Never been so ill in my life, hope I never am again.
Like Fruitcake, I made sure I got the jab for it, as soon as I was old enough.

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I had it many years ago,i have lung tissue damage because of it.
I suffer in the summer and winter to this day.

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Pneumonia was never an issue with me till I hit 45 (7 years after I quit smoking), and has been a periodic visitor since.

I had lobar pneumonia when I was 3 years old and still remember being carried out to the ambulance by the ambulance man and taken to an isolation hospital. I was very ill and was in hospital for a three weeks.

I have suffered with weak lungs ever since, every cold seems to turn into bronchitis now.

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I had it as a 10 y.o. when I was in Poland. Luckily, there was a doctor who gave me a penicillin injection but it was horribly painful and I couldn’t sleep at night. It must have been my first antibiotic. I’ve never had any lung problems since and had a first jab of Prevenar13 against 13 pneumococcal bacteria a few years ago. Will ask for the remaining jab against another 20 after a six-year interval has elapsed.