Anyone got an Alexa Show?

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My sister has an old Alexa, which she and her family like to use. I had always said I wouldn’t need one. In Curry’s today was looking at the Alexa Show, with the screen. Been Googling it with the specs, and wondering…do I need one? I do have the Ring doorbell and Blink cameras that it could probably link to, but then think…where would it go? I don’t have anywhere in the kitchen for it.

Is it just a fun thing? Or does someone really need one in their lives? I normally embrace technology, but waited a good few years before getting, and loving, the iPad.

do you mean Amazon echo?

I have a Google Nest Mini which my son gave me either last Christmas or the one before. I have never turned it on since the day I received it, intrusive little device.

I hope we are talking about a similar device.

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Yes sorry, forgot its full name.

I have, It’s at the side of my bed. It acts as a radio, alarm clock, weather reporting station, can display my schedule, and watch things from Amazon Prime on it. It also plays soothing sounds such as Tibetan Bowls for a specified time to get me off to sleep. In common with my other Echo devices, I can use it to control lights and WiFi sockets - very handy on my two or three trips to the closet during the night.

I know of people who use these in their kitchen to follow recipes or listen to Audio Books.

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NO way would I have anything like that. It is a well known fact that you are being spied on and you don’t realise it. Of course these companies would not reveal this as sales would collapse.
My advise is if you have anything like this then throw it in the dustbin.
Don’t believe me? ask yourself why it is a two way audible item!!!

I bought my dad that mini for Christmas a couple of years ago and it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him, he loves it, he says he feels like he has company in the house and it’s someone to talk to when I’m not there. He has actual conversations with it and it amazes him.
I have a big google assistant, we don’t use it nearly half as much as dad but we do find it useful.