Anyone else interested in magic?

Anyone else interested in magic? There used to be so many good magicians on TV.

Many of the modern, so called street magicians, use stooges & camera trickery to achieve their effects.So are anything but magicians.

It was people like the British magician David Nixon & American Doug Henning who got me interested in the art.

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Yessssss. There are some amazing magicians these days. They can do stuff that’s completely mind blowing.

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There are some Pixel messers nowadays.

Ah - not quite what I was expecting.

I remember David Nixon - he was good, not heard of Doug Henning, and please don’t even mention Paul Daniels!

Tommy Cooper was the best imo


I had a boyfriend many many years ago who was a magician and fire-eater. I once assisted him on stage - my knees were shaking I was so nervous and I did nothing apart from waving my arms around and smiling . :rofl:

The annoying thing was he never let me in on any of the secrets of how tricks were done.

I was watching something years later on ITV and he turned up as the ‘man-in-charge’ of things (for the life of me I can’t remember what he was actually introduced as, but it wasn’t ‘the man-in-charge’). He was high up in the Magic Circle or whatever it is.
I won’t give you his name, but over the years he turned out to be a right barsteward and (pardon me) pissed with power. So much so, he’s ridiculed all over various websites.

BTW, when he was starting out, his other job was selling toupees. :grinning:


Sounds hair-raising.


ate too much fire and burnt his hair?


Dynamo was very Dynamic at one time. :walking_man: :biking_man:

Many a moon ago there was a children’s show with a character named Ali bongo or similar any one recall him.

Yep, he had a strange dress sense, looked a bit like Michael Howard. :walking_man: :biking_man:

Dynorod magician inept, is one of the worst for using stooges etc & if you want to try any of the tricks he does his whole act can be purchased off ebay for £15, no skills required, as almost all are simple to do.

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Haha. :rofl::joy:Snort.
Priceless! :+1:

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Yes he was a very accomplished magician. And besides his own magic act he was magic consultant for shows such as David Nixon & Paul Daniels shows. He presented a childrens cartoon series, appeared in Doctor who & inspired David Renwick to create Jonathon Creek.

He is now sadly broken wand (dead.) But was a great magician.


That character was one he created whilst still at school for one of their pantomimes.

The most popular magicians I can think of were David Copperfield

And Siegfried & Roy

Then there was these two. Penn & Teller

America’s Got Talent has had some good contenders

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David Blaine and David Copperfield…the great magicians…

Both sadly went broken wand recently. Roy Horn in 2020 & Siegfried Fischbacher in January of this year.
And yes, Penn & Teller are amazing, if you want to watch them at thier very best then look on Google for their Cup & Balls act. Cup & balls is the oldest magic trick in the world, it even seems to feature in Egyptian hieroglyphics. P & T perform this to perfection. Magic is in our minds as viewers, not in the psychology & slight of hand, but in the performance. And P & T are master performers.

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And strangely you choose a picture of Shim Lin, not just a winner, but a great magician. A great performer, a great innovator & an amazing manipulator of cards. His level of skill does not come easily. It requires many hours of practice & study.


That’s actually an entire video which features great magicians they’ve had on the show. It’s really quite good and is approximately 45 minutes long. A must see.