Anybody thinking of Australia and New Zealand for next year?

Anybody thinking of Australia and New Zealand for next year???

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Already booked for the Norwegian Fjords, can’t afford two expensive holidays a year

Fully agree. It sounds wonderful, I am sure you will enjoy it

All the time.

Wish I could afford to join you.

I want to go and visit my son but the expense and distance is daunting these days.


We thank you for these small mercies.


Seems to me Australian men come to the UK to get married to our beautiful ladies. Even my cousin Tessa fell for an Aussie man and now lives in Sydney

Makes me think what is wrong with the Aussie Sheilas then

Makes me think what’s wrong with pommy men.:shock::confused::surprised:

However these things are sent to try us no doubt i shall overcome :slight_smile:

What can I say?

Sold! This is such an awesome video - in three years or less I am going to surf, run, cycle, hike and generally wear out every place there is to see from one end of Australia to the other.

After all, who couldn’t love a country that gave the world the Wiggles and highlights from the Today Show on Youtube?

The video is OK the music is horrible !

I’m saving like mad to get to Australia

My sister went out 20 years ago and I’ve seen here only 3 times since.

Our son went over 6 years ago and we have seen him just once since

Our trouble is that while mum is with us still we can’t go for long. But with sister in Perth and Son in Sydney , we need at least a month out there. So as to when we will get there I don’t know, but I’m saving for it :slight_smile:

That’s is the problem with Australia it is the taker of children .

Our eldest is out in Aus at the moment she is currently working for her second year visa milking cows down in Victoria,my eldest brother is out there having been a £10 pom way back in 1973,we are seriously looking to go out there next July/August for 6 weeks.

Australia has never been on my wish list, I’m not sure why because I have some very dear friends who live there and an open invitation to visit.

There are so many places I haven’t seen nearer home that I want to explore.

I lived in Australia for 35 years and New Zealand for 4 years. It’s all worth seeing if you can. Australia is spectacular and N.Z. also but on a smaller scale. I must say I really miss the surf and fishing. One thing though, if you can’t handle the heat don’t go in the summer.

So, when are you coming to visit, summer? In winter?:lol:

We have visited Australia twice ( Perth and Sydney ) and NZ twice too - both islands. Loved both places and would love to visit again soon :slight_smile: