Any favorite podcasts?

I’m just getting into podcasts. I’m using the Pocket Casts app.

I started looking for something to listen to while I’m falling asleep.

I found one called Nothing Much Happens. It’s true. Nothing much happens. The times I tried it, I was so bored, I couldn’t sleep.

I also tried one called meditative story. This one was pretty good, I think.

I’m just getting started in listening to podcasts. I mostly listen to youtube or audiobooks.

Do you have any favorite podcasts?

[Wasn’t sure where to put this. Is a podcast music or books? It’s more like music because it’s auditory but it’s more like an audiobook than music.]

I do not own a smartphone and have no wish to become phone dependant. My small and very convenient dumb flip-phone has all I need from my on-the-go music files + radio to a camera should I ever need one. Had it connected to the internet, then I would have not bought it.

Are you on the right thread? :017:

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Yes. Most podcasts are loaded into smartphones and I aint got one :wink:

I like to listen to audiobooks - mostly true stories of things which have occurred in the past. The narration has to be pleasant though, and lively… I used to listen to a knitting podcast (Lime & Violet) from years ago, which was interesting and funny, but I don’t really know many podcasts recently.

I can’t listen to anything while falling asleep though, it has to be during the day when I’m in the garden or outside.

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Not really. Podcasts can be listened to on any device, including laptops and computers or even MP3s if you have one of those.

My little flip-phone has an MP3 player via its memory card, but how would the podcast load without the internet; not that a podcast would interest me🤷‍♂️

You’d load it from your computer onto your phone the same way you’re loading music files now.

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You’ll have to convert the podcast to MP3 format first. Here are the first instructions I found. There might be easier ways.

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Aren’t most podcasts downloaded as MP3s anyway? I know the ABC ones are.

Spotify has its on DRM protected system I know