Anti Vaxxers Rubbish


So much rubbish posted on Forums and Social Media from people who should know better.

We have a measles problem, kids being severely affected.

It is costing the NHS a fortune.

Why do we not follow the example of others and ban them from schools or fine the parents for not having their kids vaccinated?

I would go further, I would charge all those posting anti vaccination rubbish the full costs of treating those affected.


Could you explain the logic of that one Swim?

If you have on the one hand, a bunch of unvaccinated kids, and a schoolful of vaccinated kids, then why does it matter if the unvaccinated kids mingle with the vaccinated kids?

After all, they are protected by their vaccinations . . . . . aren’t they?!!

Way back when I was a kid it was normal to let kids with some of these illnesses to get on with it. None of the vaccines available back then, it was a case of keep them at home in the dark. I remember having to go to a childrens hospital for one of them but can’t remember what,I know was pretty bad with it, mumps-measels- hooping cough or summit like.

With all this keep bacteria away school of thought it, doesn’t give one a change to build up a natural antibody for it.
Can’t say I am in favour of all these jabs such as fly jabs to name but one but that is personal choice

if kids are wrapped up in cotton wool protection they will never build up any immunity.

By the same token, would you support my personal view that we should be able to fine those people having the useless fraudulent flu shot because studies have shown that flu vaccinated people spread the flu to others 6 times more than those who are not vaccinated?

Why should I be put at increased risk of catching flu because of people having stupid flu shots?

Please, please, please can this not turn into an anti-vaccination thread? The theme has been done to death, and it is so irresponsible. :-(:-(:frowning:

I’m assuming Swim means that if one infected kid goes into a school, the un-vaccinated ones are potentially at risk from infection.

I have never had a flu vaccination but I was interested in your post. Can you explain why having it increases the risk?

You really can’t go comparing measles with 'flu.
That’s just silly.

Measles is a potential killer…at best it’s dangerous and nasty, at worst it can cause deafness, blindness, brain damage and death.
If you’re pregnant the possible damage to the unborn child is horrific.

But the location is totally irrelevant Judd.

The fact remains that you have those NOT wishing to vaccinate and those wishing to vaccinate.

I have no problem with either. What is important is that people have the choice to do what they feel is right.

If an infected kid goes into a school where there are unvaccinated kids, then that is surely the risk that the parents of the unvaccinated kids are taking and willing to take. That’s the whole point.

In fact you will find that many of those parents actually WANT their kids to get measles and mups and chicken pox and so on just as my parents did when I was young. You get the conditions and build up NATURAL immunity thereby. The threats of fatalities are tiny in reality, and over-hyped by the vaccine manufacturers in order to sow fear and sell vaccines. Same old.

Any way you cut this whole thing, the situation remains the same.

There are the people who want the vaccines and there are the people who don’t want them.

Neither should be bothered about the other.

If people want to infect themselves with horrible chemicals and ingredients then let them (although I do have issues with children who get no choice in the matter who are put at risk of all manner of vaccine caused complications).

If people don’t want the vaccines then I’m ok with that too.

They can’t do any damage to the other group because the other group have had the vaccine and so are allegedly protected.

If that isn’t the case then you have to start to question the vaccine itself and the whole program.

Of course when you do the appropriate research into vaccines you do start to find that the stats are Billy BS, often rigged, paid for by vaccine manufacturers and their cronies and have generally not been tested extensively.

Vaccine manufacturers being part of Big Pharma have the governments in their pockets and have already had laws changed and passed to protect their shady business. You can not sue a vaccine manufacturer if their vaccine harms or kills your child. It may seem unbelievable but it is true. The USA has passed laws that mean citizens can not sue vaccine companies. Instead the government runs a vaccine compensation program which pays money out to victims IF they can prove a case. That compensation program has already paid out many many $millions to vaccine victims.

So thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want ANY of these vaccines and I will fight like mad to maintain the right to free choice in the matter. Anyone who wants these dangerous cocktails of awful toxins is free to do so, their body, they are free to damage their own health at will. Just leave the rest of us out of it.

Pyxell, I am soooooooo with you. :023:

But I fear . . . here we go all over again, and again, and again.

I thought the Flu vax would have to be pulled into it somehow too.

Why oh why can’t people respect each other’s wishes and leave it at that?

I truly can’t bear those who always think they are right.

To be honest it’s unclear to me at this point whether OP Swimfeeder was just wanting a quick rant or whether he wanted real grown-up debate on the facts and associated issues.

If you take the propaganda at face value, it’s easy to reach the conclusions that Swims comes to. Unfortunately the propaganda is just that, purposeful misleading information designed to bamboozle people and instil fear so that they will be customer of a very lucrative vaccine industry.

Some points to note:

Measles is fatal in about 1 in 10,000 cases and results in permanent injury in about 1 in 80,000 cases

These are long odds. It means that for the sake of that 1 person in 10,000 we are going to vaccinate 9,999 others for no reason. Those 9,999 would have gained much better NATURAL immunity by contracting Measles but instead they will get the vaccine (if they adhere to Big Pharma / health service protocol).

Worse still, a proportion of that 9,999 people are then going to suffer very serious side effects from the vaccine, Some will actually die.

About 1 in 640 MMR vaccinated kids will get the serious side effect of seizure with all the outfall that causes.

Other side effects of the vaccine include deafness, long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, permanent brain damage, and death.

Also, just as with the Flu vaccines, the insert paper of MMR vaccines states:

“M-M-R II vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility”

So clearly NOT tested properly.

In the USA the Vaccine Compensation programs have now past the $4 billion threshold of pay-outs to injured victims of vaccines.

This is serious and significant stuff, and is actually only the tip of the iceberg because the compensation programs are defended by government funded Dept Of Justice lawyers who vigorously defend cases and require victims to have an extraordinarily high burden of proof. So many many cases don’t get paid out that most likely ought to have been.

In the end what we have is a system of “Vaccine Roulette” being perpetrated on humanity in a multi-BILLION dollar industry that has used its power and wealth to coerce governments to pass laws to protect itself.

People ARE being harmed by the vaccines and have been so for many many years. Yet the juggernaut industry rolls on unabated still using its Campaign Of Fear to peddle its products. It is only a matter of time before it uses it’s power to make government mandate vaccinations. That would be a terrible day for mankind imho.

Silly comment Pyxell. The thread title is “Anti-Vaxxers” so IT IS specifically an anti-vaccination thread. If you don’t like anti-vax discussion why are you in it?

As above. Swims has created a thread specifically about anti-vaxxers. No-one is being disrespected in discussing that topic. Pointless reading it or engaging if you don’t want to discuss anti-vaxxers.

I will read whatever I want thank you Realist - pointless or otherwise.

Just because I don’t need/want/choose to take over someone’s thread with page after page of my googled opinions until others nearly lose the will the live, doesn’t mean I should not read what I want.

So I will thank you to not press your highfalutin attitude on me.

How can discussing a thread topic and contributing material to the debate be taking over someone’s thread? Just ridiculous.

But no more ridiculous than taking over someone’s thread by posting nonsense that doesn’t contribute one iota to the discussion topic !!

As a lad I had all the relevant vaccinations, I did have Chicken Pox, Measles and Whooping Cough but survived without complications…

Am I right in thinking that following the vaccinations you can still catch these diseases, but the consequences are much reduced because the vaccine has built up your bodies resistance to them?

It must have worked because I’m still here…:smiley:

Fret not Mupsta.

Even if he does, there’s a vaccination for it…:-p

If you had actual Measles as a kid then you have NATURAL immunity for life.

If you have vaccines then it depends how many and what type.

Typically you need two Measles vaccines to get life long immunity.

Some of the old vaccines in the 50s were not live vaccines.

So depending on which ones people had they may need further shots in later life.

Happily I had the actual disease. Measles and mumps.

Luckily I never had Chicken Pox. As a result I can never get Shingles unless I come into physical contact with the infected sores of a person who has Shingles.

Well I was vaccinated for measles and mumps and didn’t contract either. I did have chicken pox and that’s the only infectious childhood illness I ever contracted.

I wasn’t aware we ever had a universal chicken pox vaccine programme in the UK. It’s used in the US.

If you have not had chicken pox you can contract the virus as an adult and it’s a far more serious illness, as is measles etc.


My post was a result of this and other similar stories.

It is an issue and those who choose not to have their children vaccinated should pay the costs.

The thread title says it all.