Another new person!

Hello all,

I recently turned 60 and can’t believe it, so I thought I might hang out with some young uns in their 50s!

I live in the far north of the UK in Carlisle, within easy distance of the Lake District where I walk my two border terriers regularly. I am about to (forcibly) retire as I am one of the casualties of the ‘cuts’ in local government. Could be worse, could be better.

Anyway hi. Seems like a friendly place!

Hi Keith:039: welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!:slight_smile:

Hello Keith :slight_smile: welcome…

Hello Keith, welcome to OFF’ers… hope you like it here :slight_smile:

Many thanks all! I am a bit of a veteran of forums and browsing here I must say I am impressed by the friendliness and lack of harshness and aggression in the exchanges!

We have a therapy room but unfortunately we suspect 2 lady members are locked in there being very silly and having a ball but we’re hoping for their release soon!!!

Hello :039: nice to meet you-hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

Hello Keith, I’ve just turned the 60 mark too, this forum has many friendly and kind members, a good place to be.

Greetings Kieth, welcome to the forum. Let us see a picture of your terriers sometime…:041:

Happy to when I have learnt how to post them!

Rum - Welcome to OFF - I think you’ll find that it’s because we are still new and relatively speaking small, personally I hope we don’t grow too big. I was involved in a web site start up once, at the time there were only 30 registered members, it grew slowly and was a nice place, then it suddenly took off and we had all sorts of morons appear from out of the woodwork :lol:

Good morning Rum and welcome to the forum. :039:

This link will help you with posting your photos, Keith …

Hello Keith, and a warm welcome to you.

Charming:shock: Any of us who joined since the original 30ish have moronic tendancies and have crawled out of woodwork to ruin your forum :frowning:

Hi Rum :smiley: welcome to the forum I have just joined too.


:039: Hi and welcome! Hope you enjoy it here; we are friendly and chat about anything and everything.

Here’s the “How to” link :

Hi, warm welcome, good to meet you…

Awww Cassie, it wasn’t meant that way! You know that … and you’re a welcome and contributing member who would be missed, girl! :smiley: