Another Besoeker day

So today.
We had an early start with Max minus Ozzie - his owner was not an early riser - so Max himself. The early start was for the groomer for Max. She, the groomer, loves him and he gets pampered.

Then, while that was going on, we walked Ozzie alone. He is hard work and sometimes not very obedient. Today was a bit more of a challenge - we had to get him home so we could get to grocery store while the groomer was doing her thing.

We got home in time - just for the very smart canine. Since we didn’t have such walk in the first stint I took Max for quite a long one - about an hour or so. Then we walked to the convenience store.

So I did my walking walking today. First Max early, Ozzie later, the main store next, Max the long one, and then the convenience store which is about another half hour. No wonder I’m knackered!

You enjoyed it though.

"hard work and sometimes not very obedient. "
You’ve met our dog.

Yes, of course I do.
The obedience thing…I did think about that. Ozzie was without Max today… Possibly made a difference.

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