Anne Sacoolas again?

I saw this on the local BBC news page.

A US Air Force worker has appeared in court charged with causing the death of a motorcyclist due to careless driving.

Matthew Day, 33, died after a crash at Southery, near Downham Market in Norfolk, on Friday.

Mikayla Hayes, 23, of Snowdrop Grove in Downham Market, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court where she was granted bail on condition she does not leave England and Wales.

The court heard the USAF had applied for jurisdiction in the case.
Prosecutor Caroline Gardner said the USAF had served the Crown Prosecution Service with a certificate under the 1952 Visiting Forces Act, which asserts jurisdiction when an incident happens while a foreign service member is in the course of, or on, duty.

Will this be another Anne Secoolas where an American driver kills a British motorcyclist due to dangerous driving & is then allowed to get away with it?

I sincerely hope not … :angry:

The “1952 Visiting Forces Act” needs updating after 70 years … :exclamation:



The USA looks after it’s personnel, the case will be going nowhere.

Remember earlier this week with one of our members, Summer.

A road traffic accident involving an American who hit her and husband on a British public road, not on the.airbase and
Investigated by USAF Military Police not by British Police

They are a nightmare

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They are my thoughts too.

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Don’t these inept women know how to drive ?
I hope this one doesn’t get away with it like the other shameless woman did .

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She will get away with it, depending on her rank and who is employing her.

There are all sorts of ultra secret outfits at this place, and some others have more targeted personnel working there.

We do not share the same exemptions when working in the USA

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It’s ridiculous why do we allow it ?


Because we have to.

We are a part of 5 Eyes, but have no spy satellites of that order.

Go back to the Falklands and learn the lessons which still apply.

We suffered huge casualties from the French Exocet Missiles, they refused to give us, NATO Allies, the codes to self detruct them.

The Americans tracked the launches, their satelittes are well capable of that.

No information was given before impact.

They both wanted the information on how effective they were.

Simon eston, a survivor was horrendously injured, othere were killid.

That is the World we live and work in, it is not always nice.

That doesn’t include taking the lives of our citizens surely ?

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